Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday and Stuff

Well my birthday was the 24th!
Thank you to all the Raveller's on Ravelry who wished me a happy birthday.
I received a lot of lovely gifts this year;pink freshwater pearl set from my sister Sherrie,a pair of pink rhinestone scissor earings and a pink rhinestone dragonfly brooch from my daughter Ashley,a pair of pj's from sister Deb and her hubby Tim(she also brought me a yummy chocolate cheesecake),my mother gave me a Raggedy Anne and Andy wood plagues and $25 gift certificate for Frenchy's,and my hubby Nelson gave to me a $20 gift certificate for Chapter's.From which I did purchase Knit Socks! by Betsy Lee McCarthy and he gave me this gorgeous 14kt gold anklet with accent white gold diamond cut hearts.Even though I worked a 12 hour shift I felt very special when I arrived home.
The day before my actual B-day my KnitPicks fixed circular harmonywoods needles arrived.I ordered 4:2 X 16" and 24" 2.75&3mm needles for the sock knitting class on 2 circular needles that I will be teaching this fall.They are of course wonderful.So pointy.
I also have a confession to make.When my daughter was here she told a couple of her girlfreinds I had taught her basic knitting stitches AWA how to cast on and that her first project was going to be a scarf.Some of the yarn would be coming from a sweater she loves.The girls told her that this was called "frogging".Um I must admit to having of course seen and heard the term but was never certain as to it's exact meaning (blush).Thanks Janine and Kathryn for clearing that up.
Well as to what is going on today.I know I will be working on the socks I am designing for that sock class and going to physio but the rest of my day is an open book that I hope to fill with fun things.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Teaching my daughter to knit

Well it is a Friday night and what am I doing?
Why I am teaching my 25 year old daughter, Ashley to knit, of course.
I haven't really seen Ash since our trip to Mexico in March. She lives away. Ash is my 1 and only child and is a wonderful beader. I have been enthusing a great deal as of late about knitting 2 socks at a time and while we were in Mexico I was knitting an old shale lace scarf.This has led Ash to become interested in the art of knitting.
Ash is up for a few days for a wedding and we have set aside a few hours to learn (me teaching)to knit. As the train arrives in town just as the LYS closes we headed up to Michael's. We purchased a "Susan Bates Learn Knitting!" kit. Ash refused to let me buy her the interchangeable needle set. I think they were "Needlemaster". She picked out a scarf pattern in a Better Homes and Gardens book called "1-2-3 Knit" which we purchased. We also bought a few balls of Lionbrand's Cotton Ease and a few of Bernat's Satin and a set of DPNs.
Then it was back to the house where I dug out an old knitting bag for her. I know I have another needle holder around here as well.
We dove in. I taught her the "Long Tail" cast on.
Did I mention I knit holding my yarn in my left hand but throw my stitches on from my right hand.A bit confusing for Ash but I think she has mastered the cast on, knit and perl stitches.With much huffing and puffing.
Ash tells me learning to knit is very hard work.Yet I feel confident that she will master this craft and surpass her teacher.Below is a picture of Ash knitting.

Have a knitty night everyone.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yoga Socks Finished

What a great day!

I completed the yoga socks for my instructor.Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the last class tomorrow as I will be working.Sigh!I will just have to email her and ask her to stay a few more minutes after she is done so I can give them to her.

I think they turned out pretty well. They took a little under 1 ball of Schachenmayer nomotto Bravo Crazy Color yarn.Each ball is 50g,150meters/166yds,100% acrylic.Guage is 22 sts over 30rows.I used 3.2mm DPNs.They will fit a lady's size 7 foot.

Now it is back to the Ram Wools shawl I have been working on.Just until my KnitPicks harmony-wood fixed circular needles arrive.Then I have to quickly knit up a pair of socks for the class I will be teaching in September at Cricket Cove.The class is knitting 2 socks at a time on 2 circular needles.I hope the pattern I have designed for the socks works out.I will let you know.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well another night in the trenches.Actually I have managed to knit a bit on the yoga socks I am making for my wonderful yoga teacher.The sock pattern is an easy one I found on-line by Rebecca Bathje.The socks are available as a free pdf download here I am making them in Schachenmayr nomotto Bravo Crazy Color acrylic yarn. I chose the acrylic as I wasn't certain if my yoga teacher would want to bother with handwashing and what not. Interestingly enough when my yoga class saw my yoga socks they all clamored for a pair.
Want socks?
I know attend my sock knitting class this fall.Woo-ha!
Just a thought.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello and the art of knitting on Coffee Break

Happy Father's Day!
Well yesterday was "knitting in public day".
Did you participate?
I was working and it was extremely windy outside so I had to participate whilst on break and in my vehicle in the staff parking lot.Sigh!I did have a few people pass by and notice what I was doing but not one came over.Maybe I should've put a sign in my window:"I'm knitting socks.Come on over".
I quite often knit in my vehicle on my break.Especially lunch and supper.I work on an intensive care unit and it relaxes me to knit.So I dash outside and over to my vehicle and knit a round or two,or3,or 4.
Why do I knit in my vehicle?
Because at this time in my life I feel a real need to actually get away from the unit,the hospital and,people during my breaks.It's a destressing thing.Oddly on my nights I don't mind whipping out a project and knitting a few rounds.Less people you see.It has absolutely nothing to do with any fear of being in a parking lot late at night by myself with nothing other than knitting needles as weapons of defense.