Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello and the art of knitting on Coffee Break

Happy Father's Day!
Well yesterday was "knitting in public day".
Did you participate?
I was working and it was extremely windy outside so I had to participate whilst on break and in my vehicle in the staff parking lot.Sigh!I did have a few people pass by and notice what I was doing but not one came over.Maybe I should've put a sign in my window:"I'm knitting socks.Come on over".
I quite often knit in my vehicle on my break.Especially lunch and supper.I work on an intensive care unit and it relaxes me to knit.So I dash outside and over to my vehicle and knit a round or two,or3,or 4.
Why do I knit in my vehicle?
Because at this time in my life I feel a real need to actually get away from the unit,the hospital and,people during my breaks.It's a destressing thing.Oddly on my nights I don't mind whipping out a project and knitting a few rounds.Less people you see.It has absolutely nothing to do with any fear of being in a parking lot late at night by myself with nothing other than knitting needles as weapons of defense.

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Anonymous said...

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