Friday, June 20, 2008

Teaching my daughter to knit

Well it is a Friday night and what am I doing?
Why I am teaching my 25 year old daughter, Ashley to knit, of course.
I haven't really seen Ash since our trip to Mexico in March. She lives away. Ash is my 1 and only child and is a wonderful beader. I have been enthusing a great deal as of late about knitting 2 socks at a time and while we were in Mexico I was knitting an old shale lace scarf.This has led Ash to become interested in the art of knitting.
Ash is up for a few days for a wedding and we have set aside a few hours to learn (me teaching)to knit. As the train arrives in town just as the LYS closes we headed up to Michael's. We purchased a "Susan Bates Learn Knitting!" kit. Ash refused to let me buy her the interchangeable needle set. I think they were "Needlemaster". She picked out a scarf pattern in a Better Homes and Gardens book called "1-2-3 Knit" which we purchased. We also bought a few balls of Lionbrand's Cotton Ease and a few of Bernat's Satin and a set of DPNs.
Then it was back to the house where I dug out an old knitting bag for her. I know I have another needle holder around here as well.
We dove in. I taught her the "Long Tail" cast on.
Did I mention I knit holding my yarn in my left hand but throw my stitches on from my right hand.A bit confusing for Ash but I think she has mastered the cast on, knit and perl stitches.With much huffing and puffing.
Ash tells me learning to knit is very hard work.Yet I feel confident that she will master this craft and surpass her teacher.Below is a picture of Ash knitting.

Have a knitty night everyone.

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