Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Another Ordinary Day

Well I am at work!
Of course!!
I finished my NORO with not NORO yarn shrug on Thursday, July'08. No picture yet as my anniversary was Friday and back to work on Saturday. The yarn I ordered from Ram Wools arrived on Friday and I was delighted with it. I am aching to finish my Divine shrug.
I decided to design a lace stole with this gorgeous mohair-silk blend wool I bought from London Wul.It is dyed such a lovely Indigo blue and is wonderful to work up. I must admit I am having a little difficulty designing this and I really shouldn't be as it is an easy enough design. I hope to have it completed by the end of the month as a free pattern. So check back for that.
I will get DH to take pics of me with the Noro and Divine shrugs on this week and post them.
Have a great day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shrug It Off

I am taking a break from knitting the socks for my up-coming class and I am knitting shrugs.I discovered a nice shrug pattern on the Lion Brand site "Spring Fresh Shrug" and decided to use up the 2 balls of Patons, Divine, Floral Fantasy.Of course I had to modify the pattern a bit but that was easy enough.The only problem I encountered was I didn't have enough yarn to add the ruffle to the body of the shrug.So I had to order a ball of it from Ram Wools because the LYS here and Michael's didn't have any in stock.
While I was in at the LYS I picked up a copy of "Noro Designer Mini Knits" by Jenny Watson and 4 skeins of Manos del Uruquay, MANOS classico color 101 to make Design 6,a sheug.
What the heck is it with all the shrugs?
I am not into sweater knitting.I did that years ago and I am still burned out on them.Shrugs are so much more quicker to knit and very snuggly too.Plus I felt I should have something knitted on when I go to teach my sock knitting class.
It has been unbelieveably warm here and I can't believe I am knitting socks and shrugs but there you have it, I am.
Below is the picture of the Divine shrug that is almost finished.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mohair Lace stole and stuff

Have you ever wondered what a Mo is? Okay,have you ever wondered where mohair comes from? I have.I looked it up on Wikipedia and according to it Mohair comes from angora goats!Go figure and they are real cute.
Well yesterday was Canada Day.Woo-hoo!I of course worked and I worked with an earache as well.Yuck!Lucky me I work in a hospital and of the doctor's recommended some xylocaine eardrops that are working very well thank you.So well in fact that I was able to finish sewing the borders onto my stole this morning.I had returned from vacation and completed a scarf.I was itching to start a stole from a book I had but didn’t have the yarn.I did have some Paton's lacette and the pattern found at the Ram Wools website.There you go.I must say this is a lovely stole and easy to work up.I only worked on it periodically so it took me from March 'til this morning to finish it and it is 76"long x 16" wide unblocked!

This a very easy stole to knit and so lovely as well.
Exciting news! I went to Cricket Cove on Monday and passed my sock knitting on 2 circular needles class lesson plan onto the manager,Gail.It looks like I will be teaching the class starting in September.I also left her a sample to show prospective students.I have the pattern all done on paper and am working on the heels.It is by neccessity a simple pattern that I will share after I am certain that there no mistakes in it.
Well I hope you have a great day.