Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sussex Yarn Shopping

Well I spent some time at the General Store in Sussex yesterday.The store is like a yard sale with the most yummy alpaca, silk, cotton yarn from the Devine West Ranch. I splurged and bought a cone, yes I said a cone! of 100% superwash merino wool and a ball of cobweb lace alpaca.
The superwash merino is a sport weight wool with over 3000 yds on the cone.It is deliciously soft and is called "Koau Sport". I am knitting a lovely stole pattern I found at the Yarn Lover's Room. I am hoping to have enough left over to knit some socks.
I finally made a good start on the stole I am creating.It is a very simple 4 row repeat patter I got out of the Harmony Guide to Lace and eyelets book.This is a very nice book of over 200 lace patterns.I do recommend it.
It is not very late her but as I have had a tiring day due to my overactive thyroid I am off to bed.
Take care all and I'll post again soon.

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