Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ack Why did I do That!

I would've posted yesterday but Ack! made the mistake of accepting a security upgrade from Microsoft and had no use of my computer from 4:30 am until this morning.Talk about frustrated.Why did I do that?
Anyhoo,I had my first sock class on Thursday evening.It was scheduled from 6-8pm but went until 9pm.As you know from previous posts I am teaching 2 socks on 2 circular needles at Cricket Cove.I have 4 students and they are all very nice ladies and seem eager to learn this technique.It is a bit frustrating learning something new and the ladies certainly experienced that 1st hand.I can only hope they stick with it as all us 2 circular sock knitters know it is so worthwhile.I have included in the sidebar some "You Tube" videos that I think will be helpful to anyone who is having trouble with this technique.There are videos such as the longtail cast on and knitting on 2 circular needles.I am happy to offer my sock pattern here for free.It is a basic mock cable sock and a great learning pattern.I will make a separate post of just the pattern as it is long.
I am also pleased to let you know that I have figured out that whole math thing and am happily knitting along on the shrug I am designing.I will be posting that later.
I ordered some yarn, a book, Debbie Bliss' new magazine and, the Namaste Laguna knitting bag from the other day.Can hardly wait for them to arrive.Well I am off to Curves and then London Wul.Sigh!Shopping is such a burden.

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