Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sick Again!!

Well I woke up at 4:30am with a very sore throat and I am freezing cold.
I did manage to knit on my shrug today and I started a birthday gift for my daughter Ashley.I can't tell you what it is just in case she reads this.
I went to Michael's yesterday instead of LW and bought,you guessed it yarn! Guess what they had there? The new Debbie Bliss magazine that I ordered the day before from Ram Wools! Oh well it would've been just my luck that if i hadn't ordered it that Michael's wouldn't have had it either.
My sister is relocating and I shall happily drive her to her new city of residence as it means I'll be able to see my daughter 2 days before her birthday.I have told her I would enjoy a trip to the LYS.Since she is a novice knitter that shouldn't be a problem.
Just 7 more days and I will be attending the Elton John concert.Woo-hoo!I wonder if he knits?
Well my dears I am off to bed.Perchance to read,sleep and dream.

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