Friday, September 12, 2008

Wasp stings and knitty things.

Well what a time I've had!
On August 22nd I was mowing the back patio and apparently hit a wasp nest! Well not apparently,I did hit a wasp nest.The little yellow buggers were on me before I realized I had stirred up a bunch of wasps.I have never been stung by a wasp before.Oh sure I have was stung by a bee once when I was a wee thing but at the age of 46 I have never been stung by a wasp.Anyways I took off like a shot yelling at the top of my lungs.Thank goodness the mower is one of those big wheeled jobbies that runs by hanging onto a handle to keep the thing going.So it stopped as soon as I let the handle go.Oh yes back to the yelling and needless to say running like a gazelle for the house.My dogs not knowing why I was screaming came to me and ran as fast as they could behind me.Around the pool we pelted,I didn't think to jump in the pool,up onto the deck in the back door and down to my bathroom.The entire time I muttering "am I allergic? No I can't be I am still breathing fine.I better take a reactine" I was concerned about being allergic as my sister and nephew are allergic to bee stings.I had an good size bump at the site on my outer right forearm but was otherwise fine.
Now on September 2nd my husband, my sister and I took my visiting mother and aunt to tour a chapel a 45 minute drive away. A lovely place. We had decided to do a bit of shopping and then go pick up some lobsters before heading home.Well! Didn't a bloody wasp fly into our moving vehicle whilst we were zooming down the 4 laner. Bugger me. I said "Ooh something just flew i the window", a 10 to 15 second pause, "and it's stinging me". I fling my arm (and you guessed it,it was my right arm)to the passengers in the back seat.
My sister says "it's a wasp".
"Well get it off me", says I.
It was a yellow jacket wasp.A different type of wasp then the ones that stung me in August.My aunt had a sanitizing hand wipe which I used to disinfect the site and we continued on to our shopping. I was feeling a bit sore afterwards so we came home instead of going for lobster.
So I did the usual stuff you do for wasp stings.That being ice, cortisone cream,benadryl and tylenol.By Wednesday afternoon the sting site was very red, hot, painful, and about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide and my right arm was slightly swollen.When I woke up at 4:30 am on Thursday morning my arm was more swollen and the rash was over 7 inches long.So it was off to the hospital for some expert care. I booked off my 2 days of work and picked up my antibiotics.By Friday night my arm had swollen to my bicep!!! I am happy to report that by Saturday the swelling had receded back down to my elbow and receded slowly everyday after Saturday. It was a surreal experience to say the least and I still have a slight rash that is about 7 inches long.
I was able to start knitting again on Monday and knitted a from my new Rowan book "newshapes". This little book uses big wool and little big wool which isn't available locally. So I knitted up the short version of cinnamon using Moda Dea's Teedle Dee, Surf and Turf.This is a lovely soft wool blend and is shaded. I had been to London Wul in between wasp attacks to purchcase some yarn to make up from the same book "dill" a lovely shrug.I purchased 7 balls of istex "Alafos Lopi" in beige heather and 2 large skeins of Fleece Artist mohair in lovely dark brown to use together to make up dill. I found the lopi very irritating to my right arm where the wasp rash is so I went to Cricket Cove and purchased some of the Brown Sheep Company Inc.'s, Lamb's Pride Bulky in Blue Magic.This is a blend of wool and mohair that is very soft. So now I have this Fleece Artist mohair and the Lopi yarn. What to do, what to do?? No prob Bob I will make something lacey with the mohair and I bought a Lopi book with some yummy projects in them.
I picked up the fall issues of Interweave,Vogue,Knit Simply and For the Love of Knitting by Fons and Porter.If you are into quilting at all you will of heard of Fons and Porter.The magazine is very nice with numerous projects.I was pleasantly surprised with the articles in both Interweave and Vogue on the Canadian knitting scene.Well worth a read and the patterns offered are lovely. I have not been able to obtain Debbie Bliss' new magazine locally as of yet and if I am not able to get a copy by the end of month I shall be buying an issue online.
It is officially 6 days until I start teaching my sock knitting class at Cricket Cove.It was suppose to start this week but life conspired against us and it starts the 18th.Hope to see some of you there.
What's on my needles?
Well I am presently knitting a shrug,I've gone shrug mad, out of some of the aforementioned Lopi yarn.Which I find feels softer the longer I knit with it. I have frogged my stole for the 3rd time! I swear the next time I cast on it had better work out.I was actually getting ready to start the 1st border when I discovered a mistake from the 2nd or 3rd row. Big sigh here folks.So it mattered not about a lifeline I will just start again.
Here are some pictures of my latest projects.
Rowan's cinnamon

Rowan's Dill

Close up of the stitch used to knit dill.

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