Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh the Cost!

I am certain that many of you who knit,quilt,sew,scrapbook excetera have noticed the cost of supplies and classes.The cost of classes are to pay the teacher's fee and offset other costs.The cost of supplies is for the very same reason.I am all for supporting LYS, teachers,designers and yarn manufacturers.I am not here to tell anyone not to do so.My goodness I am a huge shopaholic.

Hello my name is Cindy and I have a problem.

What I want to tell everyone is you buy the best you can afford.If what you can afford is some value yarn at a department store then do so.Feel no shame.It is great that you are creating.Do however ensure that you have the correct type of yarn and needles for your chosen project.Check the gauge on the ball band.Knit up a swatch and adjust needle size as need be.For my recent class I recommended a particular needle brand.Let's just say that, that brand of needle is rather um pricey.When a teacher or pattern recommends a particular needle or yarn they are not insisting you use them they would like you to perhaps and the project will look pretty close to the finished project that attracted you but there is no insistence that you follow their recommendations.There are no knitting police who are going to tell you that you can't use your 10 year old beloved needles or a different yarn.However,if a particular pattern is specified or a kit is supplied then you should endeavor to use them.

Also, every now and again treat yourself to that ultra expensive yarn, book, pattern,tool excetera.You deserve it.I always like to ask for gift certificates for birthdays and holidays.My favorite thing to do is to order or buy what I want and say a huge thank you to hubby or my daughter for the thoughtful gift and I will always treasure it and there are so many holidyas out there to celebrate now.Knitters even have there own
Gee dear I had to buy that yarn.Do you want me knitting in public for Knit in Public Day with that acrylic yarn? or I had to buy that tote.I can't be dragging my stuff around in a plastic grocery bag!
Geesh how do you think I got my Namaste bag?

Hugs and have a Great Day


Well it is Thursday, October 30Th and I am in between my days and nights at work.It has been an interesting week or so.Last Thursday had knitting club or sock group.I have actually started the RPM socks Joanne chose as our next sock project.Friday night I attended a party for a colleague and friend who has changed jobs and no longer works in my area.I presented her with the Potato Chip scarf I knitted her.A free pattern from Knit Picks.What a quick and easy project that gives fabulous results.I used Estelle Watercolor mohair to make the scarf and it took under 2 balls of yarn and under 2 days to make.I am thinking I will have to make a few more.I just love it.It would be so easy to adjust the length so one could use even less yarn from their stash.This is a 10 out of 10 project as far as I am concerned.

The sad part of my days off came after the party when I arrived home to find a message on my phone from my mother informing me that my Aunt Eleanor had passed away and her funeral was Saturday.I knew she had been ill but was quite shocked to hear of her passing.So Saturday was spent at her funeral.My heart goes out to my cousins and their families.God Bless and comfort you.

I of course found comfort in knitting up a quick project to relieve my grief.I pulled out my November, 2008 issue of Creative Knitting magazine which has a number of great projects in it.I made up the "Cabled Wristlets" by Silka Burgoyne.They are done by magic loop and are coincidentally a mock cable pattern!Go figure.It is listed as an intermediate pattern and was a real snap to knit up.I used Patons Classic Merino Natural Mix for my wristlets and think they are quite lovely and warm.The magazine offers 5 good diagrams of the magic loop method and the magazine's website and this particular issue offer an article on knitting with 2 circular needles.Here is a picture of the wristlets I made.

I want to also tell you about this great neck warmer pattern that I found on the Internet and I have knitted 5 of them so far.I have used Bernat Glacier and Lionbrand Wool Ease Thick and Quick to knit them.They take me under 2 hours to knit and are great.You can make them look as stylish as you want depending on the yarn used,the button used and how loose you knit them.I made the 1st one not adjustable but I now make them all adjustable.You can get this wonderful free pattern from
Breeanelyse'sblog.I also rate this a 10 out of 10 pattern.Below are pictures of 2 that I have on hand.I plan to make a few more for my sister-in-laws.

I am still knitting hats for my nieces and nephews.These are for youngsters and I am using Lionbrand Wool Ease Thick and Quick and I have some Moda Tweedle Dee to use as well.I am using a variety of free patterns I have found on the Internet and I have 3 done and just a few more to do.Here is what I have so far.

Now before I sign off to do my housework and grab a siesta before having to go to work tonight I want to remind my friends that the sock group will be meeting at Reid's in Riverview at 6pm on Monday the 3rd of November.Bring your projects and the socks you have finished.So I can post some pictures of them.See you there.

Take care.Hugs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Defining Tiredness and such

OMG! I am tired.
I got off work this morning around 7:15 and was in bed by 8 am and asleep by I am certain 8:01.I was up by 10am to use the bathroom and up for good by noon.
Well because I had knit club this evening and I wanted to have my socks knitted up to the toes so I could show the other ladies how to knit those. And yes it took me until almost 5pm from noon to get to that point.The speediest knitter I am not.
Oh yeah I should mention my sock class is finished but we had the desire to continue on together and are now meeting at Reid's Newstand in Riverview,N.B. to carry on.
I enjoyed the teaching experience very much and as this was my first class I think it means that much more to me and that the ladies struggled through not only learning a new technique but through my first pattern as well makes it even more special.
I was so tired I forgot to take my camera with me.I so wanted to share some photos.Well we are meeting again at 6pm on November 3rd so I will get some pictures.
JoAnne has chosen are next sock project and much to my surprise and delight she chose the RPM sock pattern by Aija Goto from, Summer 2006.
Little lapse there for an obscene phone call.
I have been busy as usual working and knitting.
I hope you have been enjoying the free patterns there are more on the way so stay tuned.
Love Ya

Friday, October 17, 2008

Knotted Openwork Stole

Finally got back to that free stole pattern. this is such an easy pattern that it can be knit in a day and looks very nice.I used an acrylic yarn as I plan to give tis to my sister Sherrie for Christmas and she is dreadfully allergic to wool.I have tried to get her to try alpaca but her allergy is so bad she won't even touch it. So without further delay here is the pattern.A PDF version is available for download in the sidebar.

Knotted Openwork Stole

A free pattern by;

Cindy Greenslade

12.5mm (17 US) needles
1 ball Bernat Satin Wine 221yds (or any yarn for gauge)
21 yds yarn for fringe
Crochet hook

1 pattern repeat= 4 inches

Finished size:
Without fringe 64”long X 32” wide

Cast on 42 sts
Row 1 (all WS rows): Purl
Row 2: K 2,* YO, K3, pass 3rd st on RH needle over first 2 sts* rep to last st (do not YO before last st), K1
Row 4: K1, * K3,YO* to last 2 sts, K2

Repeat above 4 rows until desired length and end with a purl row.

For each fringe cut 9, 12 inch lengths of yarn and with crochet hook bring through at corner of stole with WS facing. Pull through ½ of fringe yarn and knot.
Do this at every other knot (more often for more fringes) for a total of 7 fringes on each end of stole.

Copyright Cindy Greenslade OCT,2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Of Socks

As I am new to designing knitwear you won't be surprised at the following. I had asked anyone knitting my pattern "Mock Cable Socks on 2 Circular Needles" to let me know if they find any mistakes.Well I guess I am the first one to do so. Last week I was convinced that there was a mistake in my chart depicting the mock cable stitch. I was wrong to be so easily convinced.My original pattern was correct and I have changed it back.I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.
Also just a note to let everyone know that Cricket Cove is hosting a "Knit In" on October,25th.Please go to Cricket Cove to sign up or call the shop.
Have a great day

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthday Gift Revealed

As you know I have made a little birthday gift for my daughter Ashley who will be 26 on the 8th of this month! I find it odd that I can have a daughter of that age.I also find it extremely satisfying that she and I can enjoy a hobby together.Ash had asked me a number of months ago to knit her some fingerless gloves.So I sat myself down and found a nice pattern on Ravelry called Feeling Violet Mitts for which I used the Magic Loop technique. They knit up very nice. I also made her the
Ribbed Keyhole Scarf from The Blue Blog and the Touch of Aran hat from Patons. I made the entire ensemble using Patons Classic Wool in grey mix.I knit the hat on a 5mm, 16 inch circular needle.This is a very soft yarn that my daughter loves.We also got her a Chicks with Sticks book and 4mm bamboo straight needles.We had a great birthday lunch.
One of my favorite things we did was, yes you guessed it, we went yarn shopping. Well I like shopping at all times but shopping for yarn lately has become very exciting to me and doing that with my daughter was extra special. We found a fab LYS of Halifax called The Yarn Shop/LK Yarns on Young Street.OMG! What a nice shop and we had numerous conversations with the ladies that were working there and we bought some lovely yarns for our stash.There is just something so deeply satisfying as discovering a shop and finding it chalk full of so much things that you want and then having that experience enhanced by great and friendly staff.
All in all a great day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Corrections Made

A very quick note as I have about 10 minutes before having to get ready for work.
Class on Monday night was interesting as the alarm had been set at the shop and not knowing that I didn't know to disarm it.You guessed it, it went off.I frantically called one of the girls and managed to get it turned off before class started.Just a bit of excitement to start the night.
The ladies of my sock knitting class are working very hard to learn the technique of knitting 2 socks on 2 circular needles.I am certain we have all struggled learning a new technique and I am sure they will get it.Thank you to JoAnne in my class in pointing out the mistake made in the chart of my sock pattern.I have made the correction this morning.
Yesterday was a great day in that I went to the gym and then spent the rest of the day watching DVDs and finishing my daughter's birthday gifts.
I will post the pictures of what I made her after I give them to her.I wouldn't want to ruin her surprise.
Have a great day all.