Thursday, October 23, 2008

Defining Tiredness and such

OMG! I am tired.
I got off work this morning around 7:15 and was in bed by 8 am and asleep by I am certain 8:01.I was up by 10am to use the bathroom and up for good by noon.
Well because I had knit club this evening and I wanted to have my socks knitted up to the toes so I could show the other ladies how to knit those. And yes it took me until almost 5pm from noon to get to that point.The speediest knitter I am not.
Oh yeah I should mention my sock class is finished but we had the desire to continue on together and are now meeting at Reid's Newstand in Riverview,N.B. to carry on.
I enjoyed the teaching experience very much and as this was my first class I think it means that much more to me and that the ladies struggled through not only learning a new technique but through my first pattern as well makes it even more special.
I was so tired I forgot to take my camera with me.I so wanted to share some photos.Well we are meeting again at 6pm on November 3rd so I will get some pictures.
JoAnne has chosen are next sock project and much to my surprise and delight she chose the RPM sock pattern by Aija Goto from, Summer 2006.
Little lapse there for an obscene phone call.
I have been busy as usual working and knitting.
I hope you have been enjoying the free patterns there are more on the way so stay tuned.
Love Ya

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