Friday, October 17, 2008

Knotted Openwork Stole

Finally got back to that free stole pattern. this is such an easy pattern that it can be knit in a day and looks very nice.I used an acrylic yarn as I plan to give tis to my sister Sherrie for Christmas and she is dreadfully allergic to wool.I have tried to get her to try alpaca but her allergy is so bad she won't even touch it. So without further delay here is the pattern.A PDF version is available for download in the sidebar.

Knotted Openwork Stole

A free pattern by;

Cindy Greenslade

12.5mm (17 US) needles
1 ball Bernat Satin Wine 221yds (or any yarn for gauge)
21 yds yarn for fringe
Crochet hook

1 pattern repeat= 4 inches

Finished size:
Without fringe 64”long X 32” wide

Cast on 42 sts
Row 1 (all WS rows): Purl
Row 2: K 2,* YO, K3, pass 3rd st on RH needle over first 2 sts* rep to last st (do not YO before last st), K1
Row 4: K1, * K3,YO* to last 2 sts, K2

Repeat above 4 rows until desired length and end with a purl row.

For each fringe cut 9, 12 inch lengths of yarn and with crochet hook bring through at corner of stole with WS facing. Pull through ½ of fringe yarn and knot.
Do this at every other knot (more often for more fringes) for a total of 7 fringes on each end of stole.

Copyright Cindy Greenslade OCT,2008


Melissa said...


I am a semi-beginner knitter and I am trying out your knotted openwork stole pattern. However, I have a question.

I followed the first three rows of the pattern as written: cast on 42, purled across for row 1 (42), did row 2 w/ the decrease (42), and purled across row 3 (42).

I am now at row 4, and if I follow the pattern directions, I am knitting with a repeating increase, so I should end row 4 with 55 stitches on my needle. Is this right?

Then I purl across for row 1 again, and then when I hit the second row 4, I increase again?

Or am I not following something correctly on the directions?

Thank you for any help you can offer. I am confused as to how this would make a rectangular stole if I keep increasing the amount of stitches on my needle every time I do a row 4.

Lucy said...

I have had the same problem and think I have it figured out. Row four should include part of the instructions given in Row 2; "pass the 3rd st on the RH needle over the first 2 sts". That is what photos from other knitters look like what needs to happen. I hope the designer will post a correction as it is a pretty pattern.