Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh the Cost!

I am certain that many of you who knit,quilt,sew,scrapbook excetera have noticed the cost of supplies and classes.The cost of classes are to pay the teacher's fee and offset other costs.The cost of supplies is for the very same reason.I am all for supporting LYS, teachers,designers and yarn manufacturers.I am not here to tell anyone not to do so.My goodness I am a huge shopaholic.

Hello my name is Cindy and I have a problem.

What I want to tell everyone is you buy the best you can afford.If what you can afford is some value yarn at a department store then do so.Feel no shame.It is great that you are creating.Do however ensure that you have the correct type of yarn and needles for your chosen project.Check the gauge on the ball band.Knit up a swatch and adjust needle size as need be.For my recent class I recommended a particular needle brand.Let's just say that, that brand of needle is rather um pricey.When a teacher or pattern recommends a particular needle or yarn they are not insisting you use them they would like you to perhaps and the project will look pretty close to the finished project that attracted you but there is no insistence that you follow their recommendations.There are no knitting police who are going to tell you that you can't use your 10 year old beloved needles or a different yarn.However,if a particular pattern is specified or a kit is supplied then you should endeavor to use them.

Also, every now and again treat yourself to that ultra expensive yarn, book, pattern,tool excetera.You deserve it.I always like to ask for gift certificates for birthdays and holidays.My favorite thing to do is to order or buy what I want and say a huge thank you to hubby or my daughter for the thoughtful gift and I will always treasure it and there are so many holidyas out there to celebrate now.Knitters even have there own
Gee dear I had to buy that yarn.Do you want me knitting in public for Knit in Public Day with that acrylic yarn? or I had to buy that tote.I can't be dragging my stuff around in a plastic grocery bag!
Geesh how do you think I got my Namaste bag?

Hugs and have a Great Day

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