Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's Going On?

So I hope everyone is ready for the holidays.I put my tree up and decorated my home yesterday.That would be December,14th!I delivered my mother's presents on Sunday after a marathon cookie baking day on Saturday. Of course I went to Cricket Cove first on Saturday as it was their no tax day sale.I bought another Lopi book,some Lopi lite and some Briggs and Little country roving.Why B&L roving you maybe asking? Well have you ever heard of White Buffalo? This was a Canadian yarn company that produced lovely sweater patterns. I fortunately saved the only book I ever purchased of theirs.It is book# 1269.You can see a picture of the cover here.B&L's country roving is an excellent substitute for WB's unspun yarn used in these patterns. It is also a good substitute for Lopi and Lopi unspun. What with the Olympics coming in 2010 I am feeling a desire to knit a sweater.Something I don't often do.

The knitting group will be taking a break until sometime in January.Probably the 1st or 2nd week of January.We met last night for supper at the Homestead restaurant in Riverview and we had a very nice meal and very good time.

Please find below a few pictures of my "pi" shawl that is on display at Cricket Cove for the knit along that will take place this Spring.Also I have a picture of the lap quilt the staff and I made at work for our previous boss. Who has moved on to another job.We miss you Amanda. The pattern is "log cabin" with the center squares being singed by the staff as a keepsake.

Check out knitty.com for their Winter'09 issue.There are some very nice patterns.

Well until next time. Knitting is not just a pass time it is a Zen experience.


Close up of Pi


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just A Little Bit of Fiber

So last week was exciting! I promised Cricket Cove,Moncton that I would have my pi shawl finished to display as a sample in the shop for the up coming knit along of the same. Well stupid me I decided I just had to add a lace border to it. So while on my nights I started. So that would have been last Monday night (Nov.30th).Just so you gleam some idea as to my undertaking here are a few details. The pi shawl ends with 576 sts and the border I chose is knit on sideways and has an 8st repeat.This means that for every repeat there is a decrease of 4sts and 5 repeats of the pattern took me around an hour or and hour and a half to complete and it took 144 pattern repeats.Phew! So I knit like a fiend and finished Friday night at 8pm and handed the completed shawl over to the care of Chris at Cricket Cove Saturday morning.I must say despite my tennis elbow from knitting so much this shawl is very lovely and even unblocked is a nice size.So if you have a hankering to knit a circular shawl or just would like to see it and sympathize with my sore elbow drop in to Cricket Cove.

Saturday also saw me have a visit to London Wul. I won't tell you how much fiber I bought for spinning but it was a fair amount and all lovely. I also purchased Lopi book #25 and enough Lopi Lite to make a shrug. Yup my credit card took a beating. Heidi also clued me in to the fact that a lot of Lopi patterns are great for knitting up my handspun. So I started the hat with dreadlocks from book#25 for my daughter using some spindled and wheel spun fiber. London Wul has a special book section at present whereby the proceeds are to be donated to a charity in memory of a friend recently lost to cancer. There are books dealing with weaving,knitting,quilting and, cross stitch. I encourage to drop by and purchase a few.

Well I am off to work.Keep your sticks/ wheels in motion and have a happy day.

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Quick Note

I am in between my days and nights but wanted to share some pictures and news with you. I have changed units where I work for 6 months and discovered a few knitters. It's nice to share enthusiasm with them. We will be meeting Wednesday, December (OMG December already!!) 2nd, usual time, usual place.

Here are some pictures for your pleasure. Joanne's Flower Petal Shawl from elann.com and Joanne's toe up socks.The pattern isDouble Eyelet Rib by Wendy Johnson, Doris' shawl based on Knot Another Hat's alpaca prayer shawl pattern. I love this easy to make shawl pattern. It takes about a day to make. Nathalie's scarf from the book Ocean Breezes Knitted Scarfs by Cheryl Thies. Enjoy.

Joanne's Petal Shawl

Joanne's socks

Doris' shawl

Nathalie's scarf

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My New Louet Victoria

Okay,okay I admit it I have purchased a Louet Victoria spinning wheel!!

I gave Heidi a call at London Wul yesterday and asked her not to laugh too much when I asked her if she had any spinning wheels in her shop I could try out.You have to understand that when I purchased my drop spindle I was very insistent on the fact that I would never own a spinning wheel.

Famous last words!

I have to give Heidi her due she didn't laugh too loud,long or hard at me.I had spent the week after the Maritime spinning retreat drop spindling and looking at wheels and reviews.I boogied over to London Wul in yesterday's little snowstorm and Heidi set me up with a few of her wheels.I had let her know that ultimately I was interested in spinning fiber into lace and sock weight wool and I was mainly interested in an Ashford Traveller or Kiwi. Ummm I came home with Heidi's demo model of the Victoria. Number one it was the only wheel I could manage to spin on and two Heidi gave me a great deal on it. It is so tiny and sweet I just love it! Heidi had a bunch of extra accessories that I got as well, the High Flyer kit and more bobbins then enough. What a great time I had at the shop with Heidi's great patience and it was so soothing to sit amongst all that fiber and try and spin. I was a bit frustrated trying to spin on the Louet S10 and I am certain my face must of lit up when I sat and spun (very badly) on the Victoria. It was exhilarating. I said,"I'll take it", as soon as she offered to sell it to me. Heidi, bless her said "Well you don't have to decide right away" and I agreed to think on it as she did up her quote for her gently used demo model and one on a new Traveller. I decided that hey I can spin on this one, it's very comfortable comes with all these extras and the difference in price was only about $100 or so. So I took the lovely Victoria off Heidi's hands. We spent quite a while going over it and Heidi and I both agreed that a person isn't limited to just one wheel either. So once I master the art of spinning I can always buy(or not) another wheel.I took off like a shot for home with my new wheel and hubby and I took it out of it's case last night and oohed and awed over it.Looked it all over.Set it in a prominent spot and marvelled at it. It really is pretty. Now all I have to do is learn to spin on it.

Thanks Heidi and Linda for your patience. Here is a link to some pictures of the Louet Victoria on the Net.They are not my pictures but I am now a proud owner of one and not the baby.

Have a spinnerly/knitterly Day

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spinning Out of Control

So the spinning/weaving retreat finished on Sunday.What a great time.Tanya taught me the basics of spindling our first night and I definitely struggled with drafting, getting my fibers to a manageable thickness and then spindling with consistency.My first efforts are pictured below.You'ld think I would be embarrassed to share the photo but we all have to start somewhere and I started way out there.Note there is no consistency and the yarn is very chunky.Okay,extremely chunky! With persistence and about 8-10 hours of spindling on Saturday I have finally managed to produce a decent single from Heidi's, hand dyed polworth.
My 1st efforts at spindling
1st spindling effort

I met a lot of very supportive people from all over. The ladies from Moncton were fun, supportive, knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel right at home. Tanya arrived in her completed shawl we had (Heidi, Tanya, and myself)decided to knit from Folk Shawls. You know the shawl I have only made a start on.It is lovely.
Tanya and her shawl
Tanya's shawl

Catherine whom I usually sat beside gave a wonderful demo on Navajo plying.
Catherine teaches Navajo plying

Linne(sp) God love her attempted to show me how to spin on her wheel. There was an exercise in patience on her part and one of futility on mine.Thanks Linne.

Cathy a retired RN from my hospital, whom I have not seen for years and I had know idea she was a spinner,was there. Just the same as ever. Full of humor and a great spinner. Hey Cathy I have been looking at wheels and may actually purchase one! Pictured her helping a beginner spinner Leah. Leah made leaps and bounds with her spinning during the retreat.
Cathy and Leah

Steph from the Chapters knitting group arrived for the day on Saturday.Steph was spindling at Knit in Public day and unbeknown to her gave me the bug. Her wheel was very cool as well. Umm, I can't remeber the name of it but Staph was cranking out some fine singles.
Stephanie and her cool wheel

Below are various pictures of the Haloween costumes. I include the Chicken hat in defference to my hubby who keeps chickens.
Me "the Green hat Witch" spindling
CJ and Meredith

the circle

All the Witches

Sarah, best costume
the Chicken hat

There was so much to do at the retreat and so much to learn. The shopping was fabulous and I look forward to seeing everyone next October in PEI.

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Later

I had a lovely time at the Maritime Spinners and Weavers Retreat in Fredericton this past weekend. I met a lot of great people and I learned a great deal. I have a few pictures to post and more to tell you but I am forcing myself to buy much needed food etc and do some housework.So hopefully I will post some more later today.

I also finished the socks form the sock class I taught and gave them to my daughter for whom they were intended.I shall e-mail her for a picture as I forgot to get one.

Meeting at Read's on Thursday,November 5th at 6pm.
'Til later then

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a Brief Note

I have been super busy.Just in case you haven't noticed.The day before Thanksgiving our Nephew was wisked away for a kidney transplant.He is doing well and is home now. Sock class is finished as of tomorrow night.The ladies have been wonderful.

I am off to the spinning retreat this weekend and I have purchased 3 lovely spindles on Etsy from Butterfly Girl Designs, Knot My Day Job and the Spanish Peacock.

Note we are meeting on Thursday night this week.I hope to bring my daughter along as she is visiting. See you there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lots of Blah,Blah,Blah

First of all please note that I have put tentative meeting dates for the group up for October. There will be no meeting next week as 3 of us are unavailable. I will not be present on the 14th but the meeting will certainly take place as usual. My apologies to the group for having to leave early on Wednesday evening. I believe I ate something that has had a bad effect on me. I am finally able to eat toast. I hope group member Nathalie is recovering from her cold.

I have uploaded a new free sock pattern. It is not for the faint of heart and I can not guarantee that there are no errors in it. I suggest you leave a message if you find errors and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Like most people I am busy but I will get back to you. The pattern is done 2 at a time, cuff down, magic loop. Take your time with it. Read it carefully and you will do fine. Please note that there is a link for the word and PDF version of the pattern.

I have been busy knitting on two shawls, fingerless gloves.Thanks to JoAnne for sharing the fingerless glove pattern she enjoys knitting from knitty.com. The pattern is Fetching by Cheryl Niamath and I liked so much that I am making a few pairs as well. I am also attempting to teach myself how to drop spindle spin yarn and I look forward to meeting some of you at the Maritime Spinners Retreat in Fredericton on the 31st. Please do come and introduce yourself I love meeting and sharing. My boss is moving on so I am piecing a log cabin wall hanging quilt for her and have to have it ready to be quilted by my co-workers on Monday. Zoiks!!

My knitting class started last night at Cricket Cove.I have the great pleasure once again of sharing the technique of knitting 2 socks at once using the Magic Loop method and this time we are knitting toe-up. The 3 ladies in the group are delightful and I can tell that they will all do well. One of the ladies has just moved here from Edmundston and this is her 1st pair of socks. Never mind that it is her 1st pair of Magic Loop socks it is her 1st ever pair of socks! While she is bilingual I believe she is struggling with my lack of French. I do speak a little bit of French but it is mostly related to my work and not my knitting. I have done a translation of the pattern for her online but who knows if it is any good. I found a few French websites that may help:
Knit Spirit
Magic loop
I do hope these are helpful.
Well time is pressing and I have lots to accomplish today. I hope to see you all on the 22nd.Remember the ladies will be at Read's on the 14th.Take care and remember knitting is should be relaxing.If it is not then you aren't trying hard enough! En francais:tricot est devrait ĂȘtre relaxing.If il n'est pas alors que vous tentez pas assez dur?!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shawl Pictures and More

Knitting group was as always very fun and Joann and Doris are making great inroads into their shawl projects and Nathalie has started her Drooping Elm socks. Joann has been bugging me as to why the first sock class I ever taught was on 2 circular needles and not one as she is finding knitting 2 socks on 1 circular needle so much easier and faster. I don't know why I did that Joann.Sorry! We will be meeting at Read's again this Wednesday evening around 6pm.Drop ins are welcome and bring a project or just some yarn and some sticks and we'll get you started on something.

I am so excited as I sent in my registration for the Maritime Spinners Retreat taking place in Fredericton from October 31st to November 1st at the Crown Plaza hotel. I received a copy of "Spin It:Making Yarn from Scratch" by Lee Raven, several back issues of Spin Off magazine, some roving and a niddy noddy all from WEBS.I watched a few you tube videos on drop spindle spinning this morning but decided against attempting it for the next few days as I am working nights and I want to be alert when I try for the first time.

Below are the pictures of the Alpaca shawl I made. There are 3 pictures of it made in the mystery wool I purchased at London Wul and one in pink is made from Patons Norspun from my stash.I finished the Eaveryaway wrap that is in the Interweave fall issue.I made it out of Lamb's Pride worsted,colour Prairie Fire.I have made a beginning on my feather and Fan shawl and am loving it.

Well back to work.Coffee is over.Take care and see you at Read's.
Hugs Cinna

Mystery Shawl,Times 3

The Same Shawl Pattern in Pink
Everyway Wrap

Close Up of Everyway Wrap

Interweave Knit magazine and am thinking of making Okmin Park's "Everyway Wrap"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just a Quick Post

Nathalie and I had a productive night Unfortunately I haven't taken pictures of the shawl I completed with that London Wul mystery wool. Yesterday I finished a shawl using the same pattern. I made it using some Paton's Norspun from my stash.Both shawls look completely different as one is light and lacy and the Norspun is a worsted and looks more solid.It is drying even as I type as I blocked it late yesterday afternoon. I will fringe it and promise to get pictures of both of them to post. I truly believe I have found what I shall be making the ladies on my list for Christmas.

That is all for now as I am typing this on the QT at work.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shawl Completed

Last meeting I shared with our little group at Read's a shawl I completed from a pattern in the book the best of knitter's magazine "more than circular" pg44 by JoAnne Besold. I used Fleece Artist's, Special Nyoni handyed yarn. I had purchased both at London Wul in May of this year. This pattern is based on a doily pattern and took about 4 or 5 days to complete.I think it is about 64 inches in diameter.The pictures are below.

More Than Circular Shawl

On Saturday I made a visit to London Wul and I had a great time there with Heidi and fellow sock teacherTanya. We are very naughty gals as they convinced me to attempt drop spindle spinning and I convinced them to knit a large shawl pattern from the book Folk Shawls.Well what can I say I did ask Heidi about drop spindle classes and Heidi did have this yummy Berroco,ultra alpaca fine wool. We are going to be knitting the "Feather and Fan Triangle Shawl" on pg 64 of Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. I found this fabulously soft fluffy mystery wool in the sale bin there for an unbelievable price and I spent about 9 hours knitting that up into a light basic triangle shawl.I am going to block it this morning.The wool reminds me of my calico cat Tansy and quite frankly she disappears when hiding in it.The pattern I used is found here. This pattern is a free pattern by Sarah Keller of Knot Another Hat and it takes between 250 to 350 yards of wool.

On the laptop updates I managed to buy myself a lovely thin Compaq QC60 and because it was such a great deal I also purchased my daughter an HP mini netbook for her birthday. Oh don't worry that I am letting out a secret by telling you all because she already has it. Her birthday isn't until October but why wait. Besides I am certain hubby and I will get her a few other little gifts.

Well I am still working on my wrap from Interweave magazine and I have started EZ's (Elizabeth Zimmerman) pi shawl and I hope to give a little class or workshop on it in the Spring at Cricket Cove. I think I'll call it "let's make an EZ pi shawl".Heh-heh-heh.

See you all Thursday at Read's.Until then stay warm.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Hurricaine Bill

Well all is well here.Bill was basically a blow and wind event.Our power was out for 2 hours and there was damage done to our back deck gazebo.That is about it.

I am finally almost done my circular shawl.Yeah!I am that point in the knitting of it where it takes almost a half hour to knit 1 round.Not an easy thing to do when your back is in spasm.

Oh did I forget to mention that?

My back went into spasm on Friday.Thanks to my wonderful physiotherapist and the fact that I have done little else but knit, sit and, sleep since Friday I am feeling much better.Well enough to update this blog.

Last week's meeting saw Joann bring her elann.com Petal shawl that she has almost finished.She is making hers in "Marble" acrylic and it is lovely.I hope she has it completed and brings it this week so I can get a picture of it.I have to say I am rethinking doing the shawl in Vogue and jumping on the Petal shawl bandwagon.Joann also finished her spiral socks and I got the lovely Nathalie to snap a few pictures of her spiral socks and my eyelet socks.

DH is wanting a laptop and we are going back and forth on this.I have offered to give him my Toshiba but he is not going to take it if I am just going to run out and buy a laptop for over $1000!!Stay tuned.Oh and Joann and Doris I hope to have a new Debbie Macomber book to share with you.

Below are the sock pictures.Notice the blue fair isle socks.I knit those my six sox group.

Fair Isle Socks

Joann and my socks

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Better Late than,Well You Know

I received a phone call from Joann in the Read's knitting group wondering about our next meeting.Sorry everyone I m a tad late with updating. Put it down to the great weather we have been enjoying lately and sheer laziness on my part. The group will be meeting on Wednesday at 6pm on August 19th.

Wait!! That's tomorrow night!!

Like I said I have been lazy.

Has anyone been to Cricket Cove lately? Well I stopped in yesterday as I knew they had received some new yummies. Truly you must make it over.They have Knit Picks,Felici sock yarn,Malabrigo sock yarn,Schoppel Wolle, Zauberball sock yarn and some more HPKY sock yarn. Plus a score of other yarns and books.It is quite apparent what I was interested in.

Below are some pictures of Deina's felted totes that she has made and I am modelling a felted crochet hat and a pair of felted crochet gauntlets she also made. Deina is a quilt designer and teacher and soon she will be teaching crochet at Cricket Cove. So all of you out there can sign up and learn to crochet with the amazing and amusing Deina. Also below are the pictures of the toe up socks that the lovely Nathalie test knit for me. I am offering this class in the fall at Cricket Cove.It is a toe up, Magic Loop sock with an alternate decorative heel and looks stunning in solid, striped or handpainted sock yarn. Thanks Nathalie for testing the pattern for me.
Felted Totes

Felted Crochet Hat&Gauntlets

Simple Eyelet Toe-Up Socks

Well that is all for tonight.See you at Read's tomorrow night.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not Much Ado About Nothing

Not too much going on.

I have finished a hat for my SIL Elsie that DH will take with him when he heads for his old stomping grounds later this month.I wil post picture later. I received my Fall, Interweave Knit magazine and am thinking of making Okmin Park's "Everyway Wrap" with Cascade 220 yarn. I purchased Vogue Knitting's fall issue and am thinking of making Mari Muinonen's "Cabled Shawl", also with Cascade 220 but in tweed or heather. Although the shawl seems like it would require loads of attention and quite frankly I am rather deficient in that area. Also in the fall Vogue is a hat I rather like. It is Cathy Caron's "Eyelet Cap". I just love that deep brim and that it is done in fingering weight.

So it will be off to Cricket Cove for me tomorrow to check out the colours they have in Cascade 220 and then on Tuesday evening I'll be at Read's knitting up a storm.

I have begun a free pattern. A pair of toe-up-socks!! I am doing them using Magic Loop. I think I will be calling them "Mossy Trees". Kind of a nice pattern for autumn/xmas. So stay tuned for those.

Keep on Knitting Y'all

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures Retreived

OK I won't say that it helps to have sleep before attempting techie things. I won't say that it helps to reread the user manual for your cell phone. Nope I won't say it but I can certainly recommend it. Snarf!

Having not said any of the above I was able to upload my cell phone's pictures to an online album and retrieve them from my computer. That still doesn't explain where my watch, my brand new SanDisk micro card or my old Samsung SD micro card went. I am through ripping my house apart looking for them.When all else fails buy new ones.
Below are the pictures of Nathalie and her completed flower petal shawl. She did a wonderful job. As noted Nathalie downloaded the pattern from elann and she used Cascade 220 that she purchased at Cricket Cove.

Deina joined us for the 1st visit and what a treat. Deina is a proud Nanny of 2 twin girls and she showed and shared the ponchettes and hats she has made for them.

So enjoy the pictures and come out and join us this Wednesday evening at Read's in Riverview from 6pm until 8pm. See you there.

Monday, July 20, 2009


OMG!! Good saving and printing a frigging sock pattern be anymore frustrating?
No it couldn't. I inserted a little table into my toe up sock pattern and I swear honest to goodness that it is reeking havoc with my computer,my printer and my brain. Word simply refuses to save the darn thing and has even printed the pattern in some sort of codex.I am ready to rip my hair out. I have managed to print a few copies but I always like a hard copy just in case you know. Anyways I shall soldier on with that.

Moving right along to more technical difficulties.I took the pics at the last knit club meeting with my cell because I forgot my camera! Well dah! Of course my cell's sd port overheats when the card is in so I have been saving the pics to the camera and then inserting the card very briefly (so as not catch the phone on fire)and then loading the pics onto my laptop and then up to my blog.Well I cannot locate my sd card and the darn cell refuses to recognize the other 2 cards I have inserted. I fiddled and managed to open an album on my servers site and even managed to upload the pics to it. I figured out how to send the pics via the cell to my e-mail but it is taking hours to send so I am just going to have to forget that plan and try and figure something else today when I get up.You see I am at work and I don't get off until 7:30am and I pretty much fried.

So I will try and figure something out.Obviously I shall have to get my cell fixed.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 Socks using Magic Loop Test

Okay so I am going to be teaching a "Toe-Up Sock Class using Magic Loop" this Autumn at Cricket Cove in Moncton. No shocker there as I am certain I have mentioned this before. One of the ladies from my group is testing my pattern for me. I find it easier to design socks to teach so I don't infringe on any copyrights. I have discovered via this testing of my pattern that to date I am unable to find any resources on-line that show a picture of the needle positions that are similar to how my needle positions are when I knit my socks. Most pictures show the socks being knit when the socks are one behind the other on the needles. I knit using a Figure 8 cast on by casting on, on both needles held parallel. I cast on required number of stitches and then slide these stitches down the cable and then cast on the next sock. Now bring the right hand needle through and knit the sts from the top needle and move to the next sock.Knit a round and move to next sock and knit a round.Your needles should be facing one another tip-to-tip. Starting with next sock, Sock "A" the 1st set of sts are the heel sts, k1,m1,k to last st,m1,k1. Now on the next set of sts on sock A these are the instep sts do as above and onto sock B repeat as for sock A.Knit around.Continue in this manner until required number of sts are on both socks.Remember that unlike other toe up socks your needle tips will always face one another in the start position and your working yarn will come from the cable side.

As I am at work until later tonight I will post the pictures I took at knit club tomorrow.Nathalie's shawl is lovely and Deina joined us and brought a capelet and a few hats she knit for her twin grand-daughters.Very cute.
If you got it.Knit it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pothos Socks Finished

Hi all just wanted you all to know that we are meeting at Read's tomorrow night. That is July 6th at 6pm.We had a lovely meeting on Thursday. Monday night I hope to get a photo of Nathalie's shawl to post.What a wonderful job she did on it.

I belong to a wonderful on-line sock group theSix_Sox_Knitalong and I have just finished my first pair of actual socks that has been posted this year.Yahoo!The sock was designed by Lorri Ann Romesberg and it is knit mostly inside out.I got on a real yellow yarn fit this spring and found some pale yellow Fixation at LK Yarn in Halifax the day before flying off to Mexico. I have to tell you I bought more balls of yellow patterned and gold solid yarns before I bought those 2 balls of Fixation. It's a terrible thing wanting a certain color of yarn and having to buy all those other colours 'til you find just the right yarn. Yup, a terrible thing (snicker).

Anyways, those socks are done and tomorrow night I begin testing the socks I have designed for my Autumn sock class at Cricket Cove. I have designed a simple toe-up sock to be knit on 1 or 2 circular needles. I am also working on a shawl from a book I bought this Spring "The Best of Knitter's Magazine: shawls and scarves". I am doing the "More than circular" shawl by JoAnn Besold on page44. I have purchased the yarn to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Pi Shawl" on page50 of the same book. I like this book as it has a goodly number of patterns that have charts and text versions of the patterns.Well worth a look.

Until tomorrow night.Be good and if you can't be good then be happy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Knit Group

It was a lovely knit group last night. We saw the return of an old friend, Joanne and her friend Doris. Welcome back Joanne and welcome Doris.Nathalie is very close to finishing her Flower Petal Shawl from elann.com. I'll have to post a picture of it.
I was telling the ladies at knit group about this fun site I found and I have promised to post the link here. The site is TipNut and if you go under the craft section I think you will be happy to surf the links to free patterns.
Also Red Bird Knits is having a July sale.It started a few days early and make sure you check out the new Hiya Hiya interchangeable needle sets that they will be offering as soon as they become available. I am on her e-mail notification list.I have my Knit Picks which I love but I can definitely use the lace size (small) set. Woo-hoo!
Well until next time.Stay cool.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Deina's Class Socks

You saw a picture of Deina in the previous post. Deina has been a friend of mine for a good number of years. We share hobby interests such as quilting, rughooking and now knitting. Deina is a wonderful quilter and teaches at The Fabric Cupboard 22 Brandon Street, Moncton,NB,506-855-3800. Deina took my magic loop sock class in the spring of this year but was to ill to make it to the final class where we showed and shared our socks. Deina brought her socks to KIP day and the picture below are of her and her finished socks.

Good work Deina and thanks for sharing.

Wow What a Great Knit in Public Day

Saturday the 13th turned out to be very fair and the turn out for Moncton's first KIP day event that was hosted by Cricket Cove went excellent. There were prizes and surprizes! Like the owner of Cricket Cove Donna Walsh showing up. Cudos to the staff for organizing a fun event. Thanks to all who participated in the knitting of preemie hats and for your fellowship. Below are a few pictures I ended up having to take with my phone camera as my batteries were dead in my digital camera.Hope to see everyone and more at next years KIP.

Donna Walsh and Yolande of Cricket Cove


My friend Deina

Early morning

A few of the hats

Going for a spin,Krista?

Winner of the gift for 1st hat knit on site

Gael of CC and others late afternoon

Friday, June 5, 2009

Link to Flier

As promised here is the link to the knit in public day flier for the Cricket Cove KIP.Feel free to print it and put it up where it can be seen by others.

KIP flier

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Knit in Public Day (KIP)

Okay so here is the scoop on KIP in Moncton.

Hosted by Cricket Cove
June 13th,2009
10am until 3pm
In front of City Hall, Moncton, NB
If raining then in the Lobby of the Blue Cross Building (if that changes I will let you know)
What to bring:a beverage(although there are a lot of restaurants handy), a project to work on, or you can work on the preemie hats that will be going to both our local hospitals, something to sit on, a friend or two or 50.

What is KIP about. Check out the KIPwebsite.

Cricket Cove has chosen two preemie hat patterns to work on. These hats knit up fairly quickly. I knit the 3 needle one in 45 minutes on DPNs,which is very quick for me as I dislike using DPNs. I knit Michelle's in about an hour but I was using a worsted weight cotton-acrylic blend on 3.25mm. I imagine using the baby sport weight yarn and the required needle size I probably would have finished faster.Download the patterns and knit,knit,knit those hats and bring them along with you.Here are the pattern links:

Bev's Preemie 3 Needle Cap

Michelle's Preemie Hat to Match

You are of course more then welcome to knit any preemie hat that you desire with any of your stash. Cricket Cove will be supplying a limited amount of copies of the patterns and yarn. As I am winding the yarn into manageable sizes it will be available on site on the 13th of June. I hear there maybe a few prizes given away as well.For more information drop into Cricket Cove at 303 Mountain Road
Moncton, NB. Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm, or call 384-7290.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Knitting at Read's

Oops! Due to the holiday weekend Read's closed at 6pm tonight the 18th so we will be meeting there on Wednesday night the 20th of May at 6pm.Bring whatever you are working on, relax have a cup of coffee, browse the books and magazines and share your enthusiasm with fellow knitters.See you there.
AKA Cindy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Made in Mexico

Okay so I have been back from Mexico for 10 days now and I am overdue for posting.We had a wonderful time at the Palladium Colonial resort on the Mayan Riviera.It was very sunny and hot.The beach was glorious and yes I am peeling.That is right for like the 2nd time in my life!!Let me just state that we saw no evidence of the swine flu while we were there. This was our 3rd trip to Mexico's Mayan Riviera and our 2nd to this resort. The last time we were at the Palladium was in 2003. Any guesses what Pandemic was going on then? You guessed it, it was SARS. I told DH that we will not be visiting any Palladium resorts again. Big sigh of relief from the rest of the world.

I did manage to do some knitting while I was there.I tend to get up fairly early so I knit before the rest of my family would wake up. I actually finished the Drooping Elm socks at Elann.com by Christie Pruitt. So that was what was made in Mexico. I knit my pair out of Sisu yarn and I used Magic Loop. They are pictured below.

Prior to leaving I stopped at L.K. Yarns in Halifax,NS and picked up some yummy sock yarn. The day before we left I received my ball winder from Knit Picks and made a mess of a skein of yarn that I tried to wind from the back of a chair. Ever done that? Yuck! So I was off to Cricket Cove ASAP after getting back and purchased a yarn swift. I am so glad I went because,drum roll please, Cricket Cove in Moncton is hosting a Knit in Public Day! Yeah!! That is right fellow knitters on Saturday, June 13th, 2009 Cricket Cove invites all Moncton and area knitters to join them and participate with knitters the World over and knit in public..I am so excited by this.The plan is to knit on preemie hats for the local hospitals but I am certain you can knit whatever you want.Please check back often as I will be posting the details as they are made available to me.

Monday night we met at Read's and had a great time. We will be meeting again on the 18th at 6pm.See you there.