Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gawd! I hate coming up with titles!

It's true I do detest coming up with titles for my posts.I am not a non witty person but geesh to come up with inventive titles about blog posts leaves me flat at times.

Anyhoo, knit club met last night and Nathalie treated us by bringing in her completed November and December socks. She did a wonderful job.

What a pair!
Nathalie's November sock
Nathalie's December sock

It was a productive night as we were able to finish the cuffs of our new project and begin the pattern. If you recall we are using theHourglass pattern from knitty.com.

At our last meeting I brought in a pair of knee high socks that I made using Briggs&Little "Tuffy" yarn and I was asked to supply the particulars of this pattern as I had adapted it to use circular needles. Please understand this is not my pattern but a pattern from the book "The Best of Lopi" by Susan Mills&Norah Gaughin. This is a wonderful book published by XRX full of many beautiful patterns. I feel I must explain my fascination with Lopi. Although my mother knitted when I was a youngster she stopped when I was still very young. Even though Mum is a teacher she never taught any of us 3 girls to knit, that I am aware of. Mum knit mainly mittens and baby items. Consequently I missed out on the ever popular Lopi sweater craze. Needless to say I am wild about Lopi. Anyways, I don't like to knit socks on DPNs as I suffer from SSS (second sock syndrome). Consequently I translate all DPN sock patterns into circular patterns and my love of sock knitting is now up there with my love of lace knitting. I am offering the adapted Lopi sock pattern as a free pattern but if you love knitting socks on DPNs please purchase the book. Heck purchase it anyway as a gift for yourself. Remember your family and friends need you to have all the pattern options you can manage.That way they benefit too! There see it will actually be a gift for them as well.

See you all next Thursday at Reads.Until then remember "It's Hip to Knit"

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