Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Notes from the snowbank

So here I am posting from the snow belt of Canada, the Maritimes.I had to shovel my vehicle out of a thigh high snowbank this morning in order to get to work.Thank goodness it was light snow or I would've had to stay home.
Our little knit group in Riverview is down to just 2 people and for the next week at least we are going to meet with another new group that meets around 7pmish at Chapters in Dieppe.
My Tidal Wave socks are almost complete and I have chosen my February sock pattern.In celebration of St. Valentines Day I am doing heart themed socks.If you do not belong to Ravelry try these magic loop socks on Emileeknits blog called Heart Lace Socks and if you are a ravelry member why not try these A Pair of Heart Socksby Donna Pye.I plan to adapt Donna's pattern for magic loop.Both pairs are quite yummy.
With all the snow blowing around last evening I put up my socks in favor of knitting on an afghan I started last year. It was a good choice to work on because it kept me nice and toasty. I recently purchased 3 new knitting magazines:Vogue,Knit n Style and Simpleknits. All have great projects in them and I am waiting rather impatiently for the new Debbie Bliss magazine.I also purchased a copy of "Socks a la Carte" by Jonelle Raffino & the SWTC staff. What a great book. I have it bad the shopping and knitting bug.
Well what the heck else are you suppose to do in a snowbank?
I am for bed right now to read a few pages of a Debbie Macomber book after a difficult and busy day of a 12 hour shift is my idea of heaven.
Sleep well my lovelies and stay warm

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