Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dye Job

Well I totally suck at reading fairisle charts! I mean if I don't write every line out you can bet I will be ripping back. Talk about frustrating.

I did have an enjoyable morning.I took 4 ounces of Briggs&Little natural white, sport yarn, 6 packages of Kraft's Ice Blue Kool-Aid and instructions from and dyed it up. The pictures make it look green and I admit there is some green variegation in it but mostly the yarn is a lovely robin's egg blue.I don't think my microwave pot was large enough for so much wool so next time I try it I will do it on the stove.The 4th picture shows the kool-aid dyed yarn in the center and 2 SETA sun dyed yarns on either end.The weather still being dicey here I dried the SETA dyed yarn on a window-sill. I will definitely be doing more SETA sun dyeing of wool when the it is warmer and more sunny outside.


Drying Kool-aid Dyed Wool

A Trio of Dye Jobs

I am currently working away on my 1st pair of "Toe Up" socks.I am using the Drooping Elms pattern provided for free at I am using Sisu sock yarn. This turning out to be such an enjoyable experience for me that I am considering teaching the toe up method of knitting socks at Cricket Cove in the autumn. I am finding that this method of knitting socks seems to knit up faster for me than the cuff down method. We shall see.

Well that is all for now.I will post the dates for the next Reads knitting night as soon as they are firm.

Dream woolly dreams

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