Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's all about storage

So I hooked up with the Moncton Monday Knitters on Monday night.

Hi Ladies!

I had a great time knitting on Knit Picks center out Janet Lace shawl. I was so busy listening to everyone and talking that I was home before I realized I had made several errors. I made the command decision to start the pattern over with a mohair-silk blend hand dyed wool in midnight blue that I had purchased at London Wool last spring. Very yummy yarn. I took the 100% superwash merino of which I have oodles of and dyed 100gms with some green seta color.I call it "Pistachio".If it sets correctly in our limited wintry sun I may dye some more.

On to the storage portion of this post. My craft room was in dire straits. I mean I had bags of yarn all over my cutting table, my sewing center and scattered around the room in various baskets. I needed a storage cupboard dedicated to my wool. Problem solved with a quick trip to Canadian Tire last night.I purchased for under $50 a 5 shelf, 2 door storage cabinet. DH assembled it last night and bright and early this morning I made a quick trip to that W store and bought all of the small bins I liked. You know the small plastic bins with the snap lids. My wool is for the most part neatly stored in the bins in my new yarn cabinet. It is so nice to be able to see the top of my cutting table again.Below are some pictures of my newly organized craftroom,my "A Pair of Heart Socks" and my Pistachio dyed wool.

Now I have to go make supper so I can make it to Reads tonight to knit.See you there.

Stay warm and woolly my dears.

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