Saturday, April 4, 2009

Class and the Secret Sock Cult

Last night was my first magic loop sock knitting class at Cricket Cove and I have to say the ladies that are taking this class have it going on! They picked up that needle and learned the long tail cast on in record time and were knitting on their socks like nobodies business. Way to go ladies. I can hardly wait until Tuesday's class when they learn the heel and heel turn.I expect them to pick that up readily.

One of my students made the comment that, I am certain all sock knitters have heard,"why are you bothering to knit socks when you can go to almost any store and buy a pair for a few dollars?". This led in to a discussion about the Yarn Harlot and why we do knit socks. The consensus was put a pair of hand knit socks on someone and they will understand the passion and if they don't... well you know what they aren't getting for Christmas, birthdays etc..

Where I work one gal has people believing I belong to a sock cult! Thanks Vickie for spreading the word.What better cult to belong to and I can think of no better way to ensnare more people into my love of sock knitting then to have a person present it as a forbidden passion. Well okay I can but every little bit helps.

So class was a success and that pleases me no end.

Don't forget knitters that on Monday nights join other knitters at Chapters for some companionship and knitting or join us at Read's in Riverview on the 16th & 23rd.

I am still knitting away on my toe-up and cuff down socks but like life other commitments are slowing down my progress. I don't resent it because it is all knitting related.

See you around and remember there is no better cult than a sock cult.

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