Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the Catch Up Trail

So let's catch up.

Last Wenesday,that is April 8th, I took a little drive to Cricket Cove in Saint John. I haven't been to St. John often and I haven't driven there on my own for many years. Being the clever gal that I am I took my GPS. Well let me tell you I was amazed. Not only did it get me right in front of Brunswick Square it also prompted me when I was 200 meters away from a parking spot! Righgt in front with no paying! As was pointed out to me later by a co-worker who has much more GPS experience than I that the GPS was letting me know that there was a parkade 200 meters on my right. Which by the way there was and it was just coincidental that, that parking space was free. Oh well there goes that mystery. I had a lovely chat with Hazel and bought oodles of sock yarn as well as a great knitting t-shirt desperate knitter. I drove for another hour and spent a few hours with my Mum but didn't make it to Yarns on York.

This Tuesday night was my last night teaching the class "2-Socks-on-1-Circular-Needle" at Cricket Cove in Moncton.I felt it went well and certainly enjoyed instructing the ladies on the technique. The picture below shows Debra and Wendy with their (and my) socks. Good job ladies.

Wednesday my Knit Picks order arrived. Yeah! I ordered the ball winder that is on sale for $20,charm bracelet,yarn etc.. Ya gotta love Knit Picks!

Tonight was great at Reads we knitted and chatted. It was nice to speak with Catherine who is interested in taking up knitting once again after a hiastus and to meet a fellow Magic Loop instructor,Tanya who teaches at London Wul.

So all caught up. Until next time stay safe


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