Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 Socks using Magic Loop Test

Okay so I am going to be teaching a "Toe-Up Sock Class using Magic Loop" this Autumn at Cricket Cove in Moncton. No shocker there as I am certain I have mentioned this before. One of the ladies from my group is testing my pattern for me. I find it easier to design socks to teach so I don't infringe on any copyrights. I have discovered via this testing of my pattern that to date I am unable to find any resources on-line that show a picture of the needle positions that are similar to how my needle positions are when I knit my socks. Most pictures show the socks being knit when the socks are one behind the other on the needles. I knit using a Figure 8 cast on by casting on, on both needles held parallel. I cast on required number of stitches and then slide these stitches down the cable and then cast on the next sock. Now bring the right hand needle through and knit the sts from the top needle and move to the next sock.Knit a round and move to next sock and knit a round.Your needles should be facing one another tip-to-tip. Starting with next sock, Sock "A" the 1st set of sts are the heel sts, k1,m1,k to last st,m1,k1. Now on the next set of sts on sock A these are the instep sts do as above and onto sock B repeat as for sock A.Knit around.Continue in this manner until required number of sts are on both socks.Remember that unlike other toe up socks your needle tips will always face one another in the start position and your working yarn will come from the cable side.

As I am at work until later tonight I will post the pictures I took at knit club tomorrow.Nathalie's shawl is lovely and Deina joined us and brought a capelet and a few hats she knit for her twin grand-daughters.Very cute.
If you got it.Knit it.

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