Monday, July 20, 2009


OMG!! Good saving and printing a frigging sock pattern be anymore frustrating?
No it couldn't. I inserted a little table into my toe up sock pattern and I swear honest to goodness that it is reeking havoc with my computer,my printer and my brain. Word simply refuses to save the darn thing and has even printed the pattern in some sort of codex.I am ready to rip my hair out. I have managed to print a few copies but I always like a hard copy just in case you know. Anyways I shall soldier on with that.

Moving right along to more technical difficulties.I took the pics at the last knit club meeting with my cell because I forgot my camera! Well dah! Of course my cell's sd port overheats when the card is in so I have been saving the pics to the camera and then inserting the card very briefly (so as not catch the phone on fire)and then loading the pics onto my laptop and then up to my blog.Well I cannot locate my sd card and the darn cell refuses to recognize the other 2 cards I have inserted. I fiddled and managed to open an album on my servers site and even managed to upload the pics to it. I figured out how to send the pics via the cell to my e-mail but it is taking hours to send so I am just going to have to forget that plan and try and figure something else today when I get up.You see I am at work and I don't get off until 7:30am and I pretty much fried.

So I will try and figure something out.Obviously I shall have to get my cell fixed.


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