Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures Retreived

OK I won't say that it helps to have sleep before attempting techie things. I won't say that it helps to reread the user manual for your cell phone. Nope I won't say it but I can certainly recommend it. Snarf!

Having not said any of the above I was able to upload my cell phone's pictures to an online album and retrieve them from my computer. That still doesn't explain where my watch, my brand new SanDisk micro card or my old Samsung SD micro card went. I am through ripping my house apart looking for them.When all else fails buy new ones.
Below are the pictures of Nathalie and her completed flower petal shawl. She did a wonderful job. As noted Nathalie downloaded the pattern from elann and she used Cascade 220 that she purchased at Cricket Cove.

Deina joined us for the 1st visit and what a treat. Deina is a proud Nanny of 2 twin girls and she showed and shared the ponchettes and hats she has made for them.

So enjoy the pictures and come out and join us this Wednesday evening at Read's in Riverview from 6pm until 8pm. See you there.

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