Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pothos Socks Finished

Hi all just wanted you all to know that we are meeting at Read's tomorrow night. That is July 6th at 6pm.We had a lovely meeting on Thursday. Monday night I hope to get a photo of Nathalie's shawl to post.What a wonderful job she did on it.

I belong to a wonderful on-line sock group theSix_Sox_Knitalong and I have just finished my first pair of actual socks that has been posted this year.Yahoo!The sock was designed by Lorri Ann Romesberg and it is knit mostly inside out.I got on a real yellow yarn fit this spring and found some pale yellow Fixation at LK Yarn in Halifax the day before flying off to Mexico. I have to tell you I bought more balls of yellow patterned and gold solid yarns before I bought those 2 balls of Fixation. It's a terrible thing wanting a certain color of yarn and having to buy all those other colours 'til you find just the right yarn. Yup, a terrible thing (snicker).

Anyways, those socks are done and tomorrow night I begin testing the socks I have designed for my Autumn sock class at Cricket Cove. I have designed a simple toe-up sock to be knit on 1 or 2 circular needles. I am also working on a shawl from a book I bought this Spring "The Best of Knitter's Magazine: shawls and scarves". I am doing the "More than circular" shawl by JoAnn Besold on page44. I have purchased the yarn to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Pi Shawl" on page50 of the same book. I like this book as it has a goodly number of patterns that have charts and text versions of the patterns.Well worth a look.

Until tomorrow night.Be good and if you can't be good then be happy.

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