Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Hurricaine Bill

Well all is well here.Bill was basically a blow and wind event.Our power was out for 2 hours and there was damage done to our back deck gazebo.That is about it.

I am finally almost done my circular shawl.Yeah!I am that point in the knitting of it where it takes almost a half hour to knit 1 round.Not an easy thing to do when your back is in spasm.

Oh did I forget to mention that?

My back went into spasm on Friday.Thanks to my wonderful physiotherapist and the fact that I have done little else but knit, sit and, sleep since Friday I am feeling much better.Well enough to update this blog.

Last week's meeting saw Joann bring her Petal shawl that she has almost finished.She is making hers in "Marble" acrylic and it is lovely.I hope she has it completed and brings it this week so I can get a picture of it.I have to say I am rethinking doing the shawl in Vogue and jumping on the Petal shawl bandwagon.Joann also finished her spiral socks and I got the lovely Nathalie to snap a few pictures of her spiral socks and my eyelet socks.

DH is wanting a laptop and we are going back and forth on this.I have offered to give him my Toshiba but he is not going to take it if I am just going to run out and buy a laptop for over $1000!!Stay tuned.Oh and Joann and Doris I hope to have a new Debbie Macomber book to share with you.

Below are the sock pictures.Notice the blue fair isle socks.I knit those my six sox group.

Fair Isle Socks

Joann and my socks

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Better Late than,Well You Know

I received a phone call from Joann in the Read's knitting group wondering about our next meeting.Sorry everyone I m a tad late with updating. Put it down to the great weather we have been enjoying lately and sheer laziness on my part. The group will be meeting on Wednesday at 6pm on August 19th.

Wait!! That's tomorrow night!!

Like I said I have been lazy.

Has anyone been to Cricket Cove lately? Well I stopped in yesterday as I knew they had received some new yummies. Truly you must make it over.They have Knit Picks,Felici sock yarn,Malabrigo sock yarn,Schoppel Wolle, Zauberball sock yarn and some more HPKY sock yarn. Plus a score of other yarns and books.It is quite apparent what I was interested in.

Below are some pictures of Deina's felted totes that she has made and I am modelling a felted crochet hat and a pair of felted crochet gauntlets she also made. Deina is a quilt designer and teacher and soon she will be teaching crochet at Cricket Cove. So all of you out there can sign up and learn to crochet with the amazing and amusing Deina. Also below are the pictures of the toe up socks that the lovely Nathalie test knit for me. I am offering this class in the fall at Cricket Cove.It is a toe up, Magic Loop sock with an alternate decorative heel and looks stunning in solid, striped or handpainted sock yarn. Thanks Nathalie for testing the pattern for me.
Felted Totes

Felted Crochet Hat&Gauntlets

Simple Eyelet Toe-Up Socks

Well that is all for tonight.See you at Read's tomorrow night.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not Much Ado About Nothing

Not too much going on.

I have finished a hat for my SIL Elsie that DH will take with him when he heads for his old stomping grounds later this month.I wil post picture later. I received my Fall, Interweave Knit magazine and am thinking of making Okmin Park's "Everyway Wrap" with Cascade 220 yarn. I purchased Vogue Knitting's fall issue and am thinking of making Mari Muinonen's "Cabled Shawl", also with Cascade 220 but in tweed or heather. Although the shawl seems like it would require loads of attention and quite frankly I am rather deficient in that area. Also in the fall Vogue is a hat I rather like. It is Cathy Caron's "Eyelet Cap". I just love that deep brim and that it is done in fingering weight.

So it will be off to Cricket Cove for me tomorrow to check out the colours they have in Cascade 220 and then on Tuesday evening I'll be at Read's knitting up a storm.

I have begun a free pattern. A pair of toe-up-socks!! I am doing them using Magic Loop. I think I will be calling them "Mossy Trees". Kind of a nice pattern for autumn/xmas. So stay tuned for those.

Keep on Knitting Y'all