Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shawl Pictures and More

Knitting group was as always very fun and Joann and Doris are making great inroads into their shawl projects and Nathalie has started her Drooping Elm socks. Joann has been bugging me as to why the first sock class I ever taught was on 2 circular needles and not one as she is finding knitting 2 socks on 1 circular needle so much easier and faster. I don't know why I did that Joann.Sorry! We will be meeting at Read's again this Wednesday evening around 6pm.Drop ins are welcome and bring a project or just some yarn and some sticks and we'll get you started on something.

I am so excited as I sent in my registration for the Maritime Spinners Retreat taking place in Fredericton from October 31st to November 1st at the Crown Plaza hotel. I received a copy of "Spin It:Making Yarn from Scratch" by Lee Raven, several back issues of Spin Off magazine, some roving and a niddy noddy all from WEBS.I watched a few you tube videos on drop spindle spinning this morning but decided against attempting it for the next few days as I am working nights and I want to be alert when I try for the first time.

Below are the pictures of the Alpaca shawl I made. There are 3 pictures of it made in the mystery wool I purchased at London Wul and one in pink is made from Patons Norspun from my stash.I finished the Eaveryaway wrap that is in the Interweave fall issue.I made it out of Lamb's Pride worsted,colour Prairie Fire.I have made a beginning on my feather and Fan shawl and am loving it.

Well back to work.Coffee is over.Take care and see you at Read's.
Hugs Cinna

Mystery Shawl,Times 3

The Same Shawl Pattern in Pink
Everyway Wrap

Close Up of Everyway Wrap

Interweave Knit magazine and am thinking of making Okmin Park's "Everyway Wrap"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just a Quick Post

Nathalie and I had a productive night Unfortunately I haven't taken pictures of the shawl I completed with that London Wul mystery wool. Yesterday I finished a shawl using the same pattern. I made it using some Paton's Norspun from my stash.Both shawls look completely different as one is light and lacy and the Norspun is a worsted and looks more solid.It is drying even as I type as I blocked it late yesterday afternoon. I will fringe it and promise to get pictures of both of them to post. I truly believe I have found what I shall be making the ladies on my list for Christmas.

That is all for now as I am typing this on the QT at work.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shawl Completed

Last meeting I shared with our little group at Read's a shawl I completed from a pattern in the book the best of knitter's magazine "more than circular" pg44 by JoAnne Besold. I used Fleece Artist's, Special Nyoni handyed yarn. I had purchased both at London Wul in May of this year. This pattern is based on a doily pattern and took about 4 or 5 days to complete.I think it is about 64 inches in diameter.The pictures are below.

More Than Circular Shawl

On Saturday I made a visit to London Wul and I had a great time there with Heidi and fellow sock teacherTanya. We are very naughty gals as they convinced me to attempt drop spindle spinning and I convinced them to knit a large shawl pattern from the book Folk Shawls.Well what can I say I did ask Heidi about drop spindle classes and Heidi did have this yummy Berroco,ultra alpaca fine wool. We are going to be knitting the "Feather and Fan Triangle Shawl" on pg 64 of Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. I found this fabulously soft fluffy mystery wool in the sale bin there for an unbelievable price and I spent about 9 hours knitting that up into a light basic triangle shawl.I am going to block it this morning.The wool reminds me of my calico cat Tansy and quite frankly she disappears when hiding in it.The pattern I used is found here. This pattern is a free pattern by Sarah Keller of Knot Another Hat and it takes between 250 to 350 yards of wool.

On the laptop updates I managed to buy myself a lovely thin Compaq QC60 and because it was such a great deal I also purchased my daughter an HP mini netbook for her birthday. Oh don't worry that I am letting out a secret by telling you all because she already has it. Her birthday isn't until October but why wait. Besides I am certain hubby and I will get her a few other little gifts.

Well I am still working on my wrap from Interweave magazine and I have started EZ's (Elizabeth Zimmerman) pi shawl and I hope to give a little class or workshop on it in the Spring at Cricket Cove. I think I'll call it "let's make an EZ pi shawl".Heh-heh-heh.

See you all Thursday at Read's.Until then stay warm.