Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a Brief Note

I have been super busy.Just in case you haven't noticed.The day before Thanksgiving our Nephew was wisked away for a kidney transplant.He is doing well and is home now. Sock class is finished as of tomorrow night.The ladies have been wonderful.

I am off to the spinning retreat this weekend and I have purchased 3 lovely spindles on Etsy from Butterfly Girl Designs, Knot My Day Job and the Spanish Peacock.

Note we are meeting on Thursday night this week.I hope to bring my daughter along as she is visiting. See you there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lots of Blah,Blah,Blah

First of all please note that I have put tentative meeting dates for the group up for October. There will be no meeting next week as 3 of us are unavailable. I will not be present on the 14th but the meeting will certainly take place as usual. My apologies to the group for having to leave early on Wednesday evening. I believe I ate something that has had a bad effect on me. I am finally able to eat toast. I hope group member Nathalie is recovering from her cold.

I have uploaded a new free sock pattern. It is not for the faint of heart and I can not guarantee that there are no errors in it. I suggest you leave a message if you find errors and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Like most people I am busy but I will get back to you. The pattern is done 2 at a time, cuff down, magic loop. Take your time with it. Read it carefully and you will do fine. Please note that there is a link for the word and PDF version of the pattern.

I have been busy knitting on two shawls, fingerless gloves.Thanks to JoAnne for sharing the fingerless glove pattern she enjoys knitting from knitty.com. The pattern is Fetching by Cheryl Niamath and I liked so much that I am making a few pairs as well. I am also attempting to teach myself how to drop spindle spin yarn and I look forward to meeting some of you at the Maritime Spinners Retreat in Fredericton on the 31st. Please do come and introduce yourself I love meeting and sharing. My boss is moving on so I am piecing a log cabin wall hanging quilt for her and have to have it ready to be quilted by my co-workers on Monday. Zoiks!!

My knitting class started last night at Cricket Cove.I have the great pleasure once again of sharing the technique of knitting 2 socks at once using the Magic Loop method and this time we are knitting toe-up. The 3 ladies in the group are delightful and I can tell that they will all do well. One of the ladies has just moved here from Edmundston and this is her 1st pair of socks. Never mind that it is her 1st pair of Magic Loop socks it is her 1st ever pair of socks! While she is bilingual I believe she is struggling with my lack of French. I do speak a little bit of French but it is mostly related to my work and not my knitting. I have done a translation of the pattern for her online but who knows if it is any good. I found a few French websites that may help:
Knit Spirit
Magic loop
I do hope these are helpful.
Well time is pressing and I have lots to accomplish today. I hope to see you all on the 22nd.Remember the ladies will be at Read's on the 14th.Take care and remember knitting is should be relaxing.If it is not then you aren't trying hard enough! En francais:tricot est devrait ĂȘtre relaxing.If il n'est pas alors que vous tentez pas assez dur?!