Monday, November 30, 2009

A Quick Note

I am in between my days and nights but wanted to share some pictures and news with you. I have changed units where I work for 6 months and discovered a few knitters. It's nice to share enthusiasm with them. We will be meeting Wednesday, December (OMG December already!!) 2nd, usual time, usual place.

Here are some pictures for your pleasure. Joanne's Flower Petal Shawl from and Joanne's toe up socks.The pattern isDouble Eyelet Rib by Wendy Johnson, Doris' shawl based on Knot Another Hat's alpaca prayer shawl pattern. I love this easy to make shawl pattern. It takes about a day to make. Nathalie's scarf from the book Ocean Breezes Knitted Scarfs by Cheryl Thies. Enjoy.

Joanne's Petal Shawl

Joanne's socks

Doris' shawl

Nathalie's scarf

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My New Louet Victoria

Okay,okay I admit it I have purchased a Louet Victoria spinning wheel!!

I gave Heidi a call at London Wul yesterday and asked her not to laugh too much when I asked her if she had any spinning wheels in her shop I could try out.You have to understand that when I purchased my drop spindle I was very insistent on the fact that I would never own a spinning wheel.

Famous last words!

I have to give Heidi her due she didn't laugh too loud,long or hard at me.I had spent the week after the Maritime spinning retreat drop spindling and looking at wheels and reviews.I boogied over to London Wul in yesterday's little snowstorm and Heidi set me up with a few of her wheels.I had let her know that ultimately I was interested in spinning fiber into lace and sock weight wool and I was mainly interested in an Ashford Traveller or Kiwi. Ummm I came home with Heidi's demo model of the Victoria. Number one it was the only wheel I could manage to spin on and two Heidi gave me a great deal on it. It is so tiny and sweet I just love it! Heidi had a bunch of extra accessories that I got as well, the High Flyer kit and more bobbins then enough. What a great time I had at the shop with Heidi's great patience and it was so soothing to sit amongst all that fiber and try and spin. I was a bit frustrated trying to spin on the Louet S10 and I am certain my face must of lit up when I sat and spun (very badly) on the Victoria. It was exhilarating. I said,"I'll take it", as soon as she offered to sell it to me. Heidi, bless her said "Well you don't have to decide right away" and I agreed to think on it as she did up her quote for her gently used demo model and one on a new Traveller. I decided that hey I can spin on this one, it's very comfortable comes with all these extras and the difference in price was only about $100 or so. So I took the lovely Victoria off Heidi's hands. We spent quite a while going over it and Heidi and I both agreed that a person isn't limited to just one wheel either. So once I master the art of spinning I can always buy(or not) another wheel.I took off like a shot for home with my new wheel and hubby and I took it out of it's case last night and oohed and awed over it.Looked it all over.Set it in a prominent spot and marvelled at it. It really is pretty. Now all I have to do is learn to spin on it.

Thanks Heidi and Linda for your patience. Here is a link to some pictures of the Louet Victoria on the Net.They are not my pictures but I am now a proud owner of one and not the baby.

Have a spinnerly/knitterly Day

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spinning Out of Control

So the spinning/weaving retreat finished on Sunday.What a great time.Tanya taught me the basics of spindling our first night and I definitely struggled with drafting, getting my fibers to a manageable thickness and then spindling with consistency.My first efforts are pictured below.You'ld think I would be embarrassed to share the photo but we all have to start somewhere and I started way out there.Note there is no consistency and the yarn is very chunky.Okay,extremely chunky! With persistence and about 8-10 hours of spindling on Saturday I have finally managed to produce a decent single from Heidi's, hand dyed polworth.
My 1st efforts at spindling
1st spindling effort

I met a lot of very supportive people from all over. The ladies from Moncton were fun, supportive, knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel right at home. Tanya arrived in her completed shawl we had (Heidi, Tanya, and myself)decided to knit from Folk Shawls. You know the shawl I have only made a start on.It is lovely.
Tanya and her shawl
Tanya's shawl

Catherine whom I usually sat beside gave a wonderful demo on Navajo plying.
Catherine teaches Navajo plying

Linne(sp) God love her attempted to show me how to spin on her wheel. There was an exercise in patience on her part and one of futility on mine.Thanks Linne.

Cathy a retired RN from my hospital, whom I have not seen for years and I had know idea she was a spinner,was there. Just the same as ever. Full of humor and a great spinner. Hey Cathy I have been looking at wheels and may actually purchase one! Pictured her helping a beginner spinner Leah. Leah made leaps and bounds with her spinning during the retreat.
Cathy and Leah

Steph from the Chapters knitting group arrived for the day on Saturday.Steph was spindling at Knit in Public day and unbeknown to her gave me the bug. Her wheel was very cool as well. Umm, I can't remeber the name of it but Staph was cranking out some fine singles.
Stephanie and her cool wheel

Below are various pictures of the Haloween costumes. I include the Chicken hat in defference to my hubby who keeps chickens.
Me "the Green hat Witch" spindling
CJ and Meredith

the circle

All the Witches

Sarah, best costume
the Chicken hat

There was so much to do at the retreat and so much to learn. The shopping was fabulous and I look forward to seeing everyone next October in PEI.

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Later

I had a lovely time at the Maritime Spinners and Weavers Retreat in Fredericton this past weekend. I met a lot of great people and I learned a great deal. I have a few pictures to post and more to tell you but I am forcing myself to buy much needed food etc and do some housework.So hopefully I will post some more later today.

I also finished the socks form the sock class I taught and gave them to my daughter for whom they were intended.I shall e-mail her for a picture as I forgot to get one.

Meeting at Read's on Thursday,November 5th at 6pm.
'Til later then