Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's Going On?

So I hope everyone is ready for the holidays.I put my tree up and decorated my home yesterday.That would be December,14th!I delivered my mother's presents on Sunday after a marathon cookie baking day on Saturday. Of course I went to Cricket Cove first on Saturday as it was their no tax day sale.I bought another Lopi book,some Lopi lite and some Briggs and Little country roving.Why B&L roving you maybe asking? Well have you ever heard of White Buffalo? This was a Canadian yarn company that produced lovely sweater patterns. I fortunately saved the only book I ever purchased of theirs.It is book# 1269.You can see a picture of the cover here.B&L's country roving is an excellent substitute for WB's unspun yarn used in these patterns. It is also a good substitute for Lopi and Lopi unspun. What with the Olympics coming in 2010 I am feeling a desire to knit a sweater.Something I don't often do.

The knitting group will be taking a break until sometime in January.Probably the 1st or 2nd week of January.We met last night for supper at the Homestead restaurant in Riverview and we had a very nice meal and very good time.

Please find below a few pictures of my "pi" shawl that is on display at Cricket Cove for the knit along that will take place this Spring.Also I have a picture of the lap quilt the staff and I made at work for our previous boss. Who has moved on to another job.We miss you Amanda. The pattern is "log cabin" with the center squares being singed by the staff as a keepsake.

Check out knitty.com for their Winter'09 issue.There are some very nice patterns.

Well until next time. Knitting is not just a pass time it is a Zen experience.


Close up of Pi


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