Friday, January 29, 2010

Apron Strings and Other Things

Well I have been off work due to injury.Fortunately given a few weeks of rest and a great physiotherapist I will be returning to duty tomorrow.

Last Sunday I took my first venture out of the house and packed up my Louet, Victoria and headed out to London Wul for a Spin-A-Long. Due to a senior moment I packed everything but my flyer. Doh! I even packed my apron and spinning socks. Which are a yogs sock pattern but I knit the socks especially to wear while spinning.So instead of spinning I spent my gift certificate from Christmas and purchased enough Lopi Light to make a cardigan. Always a silver lining and to prove this point I want you all to know that I have been having a great deal of difficulty plying my laceweight yarn on my Victoria. So I took myself out yesterday for some shopping therapy (bought a new handbag and shoes at Sears warehouse sale) and then I went out to London Wul for some advice from Heidi. After some discussion we decided that I would contact Louet and I could use the regular flyer to ply. Anyways, while I was there (without my wheel) I asked about purchasing an Ashford, Traveller and we were off on a discussion of single versus double drive. As luck would have it the Thursday afternoon spinning group showed up and I was able to try one of the groups Traveller. Very nice. So last evening I plied my wool on the regular head of my Victoria and then again on my high speed flyer. Afterwards I was spinning some merino and my footman treadle connector broke! Okay did I kept upset? No instead I got DH out of bed to show him what had happened and (only because he had been grumbling about me purchasing another wheel so soon) told him, "See that is why a person needs a 2nd wheel". So silver lining a go-go. I got to not only test drive a new wheel I ordered one today. I received an invite to join the Thursday spinning group, I purchased a new handbag and a pair of shoes, both at 40-50% off the already marked down price. I got to buy some yummy yarn and fiber to boot.

Now I must tell you that after my physio session on Tuesday I was mega sore and so did very little afterwards. Amazingly I awoke Wednesday morning full of energy. So I took an old nightie I had purchased at a thrift store just for the purpose of making an apron out of and made myself a pinafore apron, sans pattern. I had used Robyn Pandolph's Willing Hands apron pattern shortly after purchasing my wheel and made an apron to keep the fibre off me and I have decided I like aprons. I am so glad I bought Robyn's pattern a number of years ago as I don't think you can purchase it anymore. I had purchased mine from Cabbage Rose. I made it out of a light brown print so all light-dark fibers show up on it. I have included a few pictures of them as well as my Great Grandmother's apron that I inherited. It has been laundered and I have it stored away. Gram always wore an apron and made the best ever molasses cookies. Check out the print (ignore the stains) on her apron. Very 30's wouldn't you say? I have an apron book on the way and look forward to making a few more aprons.

Aprons 3

Aprons Back

Knitting club was very productive on Monday night. Happy belated birthday to club member Joanne. We will be meeting again on Wednesday the 3rd of February. Usual time. Usual place. See you there.

To that home economics teacher who flunked me in grade 9."Look at me now lady."


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What About Crochet

Well here we are again well into the winter blahs.

Our group met last night at Read's with 2 members missing.We do hope you are feeling better and hope to see you next Monday night.Deina treated us with her 2 crochet hats and I believe Nathalie is getting quite interested in crocheting.I love to crochet and have saved a number of my Decorative crochet magazines from earlier years.I do believe that magazine is now defunct but Interweave has a lovely publication. There is also Defining Crochet, Crochet Today, and Crochet World.

A funny thing is that when I started to crochet I never had a great deal of trouble reading the patterns in symbol. I actually prefer reading crochet patterns in symbol but I still struggle with reading knitting patterns in symbol!! What up with that?

If you are new to crochet or need a refresher of how to make the stitches the Internet is loaded with assistance. You can search engine the word crochet and the sites out there will just boggle the mind. A good resource that explains the stitches with diagrams here. If you need more assistance with crochet stitches check out You Tube and type crochet stitches in the search bar on the site,grab a beverage and enjoy. I like Granny's Garret for explaining crochet symbols used in patterns. All crochet magazines and most knitting magazines show an explanation of basic crochet stitches.

There are great deal of free crochet patterns out there on the Internet and my advice to anyone starting with a new craft is find a project you really want to do and attempt it. Don't worry about the size (I'll probably get lynched for this) or the expertise. If it is something you really want to make try it. You may not finish it or it may look like um crap but at least you tried. My first crochet project was a simple afghan that I finished but hid from the world and finally threw out because it was horrid. What it taught me was the basic stitches, plus a few advanced stitches, how to read a crochet pattern, gauge can be very, very important, and the material used is also important. What it also taught me was that I really enjoyed crocheting and that my DH really loves me because he said when I finished that awful little afghan how nice it was. I still love crocheting doilies and table toppers! That's right I love making those really delicate looking patterns. I think it's the lace. As a matter of fact I am going to attempt a crochet shawl pattern from Interweave crochet magazine. Let's hope that it turns out better than that 1st afghan.

So forge ahead. The struggle is worth it and good luck.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Show and Share

Our Monday night meeting saw a few of us bring completed projects to show and share.Here are pictures of our finished projects.We will be meeting again Monday the 18th of January at 6pm at Read's.

The picture's below are of my fingerless mitts, slouch hat, Lopi neckwarmer, cowl from pattern out of Vogue Knitting magazine and the cowl made from my homespun,Nathalie's drooping elm toe up socks and Doris' triangular shawl.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

Well better late than never. Happy 2010!

I do hope you all had a great holiday season. I of course worked right through from December 25th to the morning of the 29th but New Year's Eve was quietly wonderful. DH and I stayed in and watched "Angels and Demons" and the new Harry Potter. Yeah!

I did manage to knit a few things.I knit my 2 nieces a poncho each for Christmas.
This great pattern kiddie capelet is from Christine Buhagiar of Knitting for Boozehags.
kiddie capelet

From Vogueknitting's Holiday 2009 issue I knit the Ribbed Cowl on page 57. I used left over Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick from last winter's hats I knit. Very easy pattern and very warm.Have a look at Vogue's picture here.
Ribbed Cowl

Yesterday I spun some thick and thin bulky yarn. Trust me it wasn't by design.It is because I am still learning to spin that my yarn is that way. Anyway, it was a beautiful polwarth wool from London-Wul and Heidi assures me I will eventually be able to spin some lovely lace weight yarn.I can hardly wait. Anyways, last night I found this fab cowl pattern on Ravelry it is Knot Your Mamas, Single Skein Lace Cowl.What makes this pattern so wonderful is it is easy, it is free and it gives you the directions to make the cowl/hat in 4 yarn weights!! So my homespun looks pretty good in the bulky weight pattern.Below is a picture of my cowl blocked.Sorry it isn't dry yet or I would have a picture of me wearing it.Perhaps if it is dry by tonight's meeting I'll get a photo.I also made a plain slouch hat from SWS wool and I will get snap of that at the meeting as well.

Homespun Cowl

Well I am off to workout, and shop! Woo-hoo!! So until the next time remember,"It is better to have knit and frogged,then never to have knit at all."

Luv Ya

What does Cinnaknits enjoy reading? Robyn Carr's Virgin River novels, Debbie Macomber novels and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.