Friday, January 29, 2010

Apron Strings and Other Things

Well I have been off work due to injury.Fortunately given a few weeks of rest and a great physiotherapist I will be returning to duty tomorrow.

Last Sunday I took my first venture out of the house and packed up my Louet, Victoria and headed out to London Wul for a Spin-A-Long. Due to a senior moment I packed everything but my flyer. Doh! I even packed my apron and spinning socks. Which are a yogs sock pattern but I knit the socks especially to wear while spinning.So instead of spinning I spent my gift certificate from Christmas and purchased enough Lopi Light to make a cardigan. Always a silver lining and to prove this point I want you all to know that I have been having a great deal of difficulty plying my laceweight yarn on my Victoria. So I took myself out yesterday for some shopping therapy (bought a new handbag and shoes at Sears warehouse sale) and then I went out to London Wul for some advice from Heidi. After some discussion we decided that I would contact Louet and I could use the regular flyer to ply. Anyways, while I was there (without my wheel) I asked about purchasing an Ashford, Traveller and we were off on a discussion of single versus double drive. As luck would have it the Thursday afternoon spinning group showed up and I was able to try one of the groups Traveller. Very nice. So last evening I plied my wool on the regular head of my Victoria and then again on my high speed flyer. Afterwards I was spinning some merino and my footman treadle connector broke! Okay did I kept upset? No instead I got DH out of bed to show him what had happened and (only because he had been grumbling about me purchasing another wheel so soon) told him, "See that is why a person needs a 2nd wheel". So silver lining a go-go. I got to not only test drive a new wheel I ordered one today. I received an invite to join the Thursday spinning group, I purchased a new handbag and a pair of shoes, both at 40-50% off the already marked down price. I got to buy some yummy yarn and fiber to boot.

Now I must tell you that after my physio session on Tuesday I was mega sore and so did very little afterwards. Amazingly I awoke Wednesday morning full of energy. So I took an old nightie I had purchased at a thrift store just for the purpose of making an apron out of and made myself a pinafore apron, sans pattern. I had used Robyn Pandolph's Willing Hands apron pattern shortly after purchasing my wheel and made an apron to keep the fibre off me and I have decided I like aprons. I am so glad I bought Robyn's pattern a number of years ago as I don't think you can purchase it anymore. I had purchased mine from Cabbage Rose. I made it out of a light brown print so all light-dark fibers show up on it. I have included a few pictures of them as well as my Great Grandmother's apron that I inherited. It has been laundered and I have it stored away. Gram always wore an apron and made the best ever molasses cookies. Check out the print (ignore the stains) on her apron. Very 30's wouldn't you say? I have an apron book on the way and look forward to making a few more aprons.

Aprons 3

Aprons Back

Knitting club was very productive on Monday night. Happy belated birthday to club member Joanne. We will be meeting again on Wednesday the 3rd of February. Usual time. Usual place. See you there.

To that home economics teacher who flunked me in grade 9."Look at me now lady."


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