Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What About Crochet

Well here we are again well into the winter blahs.

Our group met last night at Read's with 2 members missing.We do hope you are feeling better and hope to see you next Monday night.Deina treated us with her 2 crochet hats and I believe Nathalie is getting quite interested in crocheting.I love to crochet and have saved a number of my Decorative crochet magazines from earlier years.I do believe that magazine is now defunct but Interweave has a lovely publication. There is also Defining Crochet, Crochet Today, and Crochet World.

A funny thing is that when I started to crochet I never had a great deal of trouble reading the patterns in symbol. I actually prefer reading crochet patterns in symbol but I still struggle with reading knitting patterns in symbol!! What up with that?

If you are new to crochet or need a refresher of how to make the stitches the Internet is loaded with assistance. You can search engine the word crochet and the sites out there will just boggle the mind. A good resource that explains the stitches with diagrams here. If you need more assistance with crochet stitches check out You Tube and type crochet stitches in the search bar on the site,grab a beverage and enjoy. I like Granny's Garret for explaining crochet symbols used in patterns. All crochet magazines and most knitting magazines show an explanation of basic crochet stitches.

There are great deal of free crochet patterns out there on the Internet and my advice to anyone starting with a new craft is find a project you really want to do and attempt it. Don't worry about the size (I'll probably get lynched for this) or the expertise. If it is something you really want to make try it. You may not finish it or it may look like um crap but at least you tried. My first crochet project was a simple afghan that I finished but hid from the world and finally threw out because it was horrid. What it taught me was the basic stitches, plus a few advanced stitches, how to read a crochet pattern, gauge can be very, very important, and the material used is also important. What it also taught me was that I really enjoyed crocheting and that my DH really loves me because he said when I finished that awful little afghan how nice it was. I still love crocheting doilies and table toppers! That's right I love making those really delicate looking patterns. I think it's the lace. As a matter of fact I am going to attempt a crochet shawl pattern from Interweave crochet magazine. Let's hope that it turns out better than that 1st afghan.

So forge ahead. The struggle is worth it and good luck.

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