Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Restart

Just a quickie post once again. I am blaming these brief posts to the interesting TV coverage of the Olympics.

So the restart to  my shame is on the Feather and Fan shawl in the book Folk Shawls that I convinced Heidi and Tanya to knit on last year. Tanya completed hers. She is the only one thus far of the 3 to have finished it. I picked it up again on the 23rd and frogged it. Sigh! I am once again on track with it and am back to starting the tails. I felt good restarting this project as the finished shawl is quite lovely.

If you remember the problems I was having plying on my Louet Victoria I am getting that problem dealt with as well. Experience is the solver of many problems. Through reading many blogs and my spinning books I realized I need to ply on my regular flyer but I needed to use a half full bobbin. So it's coming along.

Monday night we will be at Read's at our usual 6pm. Nathalie and I are working on a crochet shawl. I think Deina might join us in this project. Doris and Joanne are working on knitted shawls. Feel free to come along and join us.'Til then

Go Canada!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a Quick Post

Spinning was great today.Well not personally as I couldn't seem to keep my fiber from breaking but I enjoyed the social aspect. It's always nice to be around fellow spinners and knitters. I rushed away to finish my first ever circular sweater and to cut apart the steek was a nailbiter as I have never done that. Only time will tell if it'll hold up.I should have a photo of the completed sweater sometime this week. It's a LOPI pattern, I've never knit a LOPI sweater before! Face it I was deprived as a child. Whilst everyone else in the world was sporting a Lopi I was blissfully unaware of their existence. That has changed and I must say knitting a sweater on a circular needle goes quite fast.
I am off to dreamland and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening at Read's.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not Much Going On

Hi all.Sorry about the lapse but there really isn't much going on.I am still suffering from a wrenched shoulder joint and am finishing with a nasty cold bug.

I am still knitting occasionally on my Lopi sweater and less frequently on a shawl.I am slowly recovering from my apron making fetish.Sewing little projects has been easier than knitting right now as it is a different motion and doesn't seem to aggravate my shoulder.

Knitting club is this Wednesday night and I hope to see you there.

Hugga Mugga