Sunday, March 28, 2010

This and That

   So I am once again at work. This is a good thing as it means my shoulder is better.
  Last Sunday morning I was up early and off to London Wul to pick up my new Ashford ,Traveller spinning wheel.! I elected to purchase it unassembled and unfinished. I stopped at Kent and picked up a can of Minwax teak and tung oil and arrived home in great anticipation. DH and I enjoyed a coffee whilst perusing the brochures and assembly instructions together then it was down to the workshop to apply the oil. DH set me up quite nicely and I was finshed the first coat at 2pm. Nothing to do then but wait the required 24 hours.

 I worked away on a new shrug and hat to be knitted leisurely as my sock class started Wednesday evening. I frogged the 2 stole patterns I had started as I simply wasn't liking the looks of them. I ripped the button bands off my sweater and knitted up bands that I liked. I like the look of the sweater much better now.

 Monday afternnon I sanded and applied another coat to my wheel and enjoyed  the hour or so knitting at Read's with the ladies. Tuesday evening the wheel was  assembled by DH and Wednesday mornings test drive was wonderful. I must mention that my Traveller is a double treadle, double drive. I snuck a feqw hours of spinning in between my day and nigth shifts and I have to say I am probably the worst plier in the world bar none.Oh well something to work on. The fibre I spun was a quite nice polwarth plied with doll mohair. I hope to knit a pair of socks out of it.

  I look forward to seeing you all at Read's on Monday evening.

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