Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Desserts

Last Wednesday our group met at Deina's for a fun dessert potluck. There were 7 of 8 of us and of the 7 wonderful desserts I partook of 6. Egads! Not only did I suffer from the inevitable sugar high and post tummy ache but I was a bit jumpy rushy when Deina wonderfully led an impromptu tour of her home. Sorry about that Deina. Thank you for inviting us in to your beautiful home. JoAnn brought her completed alpaca shawl in moss green to show us and it is lovely. This week we are meting at the regular time and place on Monday the 31st.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Briggs&Little

So what's the scoop?
Well I paid my 1st visit ever to the Brigg's and Little store last Tuesday. I grew up in the area but as you all know I didn't grow up a knitter. Hence, this 1st visit thing. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Briggs and Little is located in Harvey, New Brunswick in the pretty as a postcard surroundings and although the store is tiny the selection of B&L products is delightful. I bought enough roving to start a White Buffalo sweater and some sport weight yarn.I now wish I had purchased more of the sport as the colour selection at B&L is fabulous. Well worth the visit.
  I have been knitting shawls like my life depends on it. I have so many skeins of mohair that I decided to knit em up. I completed a triangular shawl out of Heidi's hand-dyed mohair in fuchsia. The picture makes it look red but trust me it is fuchsia. I used the pattern yo-yo-stripes by Jennifer Thompson that I found on Ravelry. This little shawl knit up in a jiffy and the mohair makes it nice and light. So light in fact that I added a crochet shell border to keep it from flying away in the wind. I completed a diamond patterned wrap out of yellow mohair (same source for the wool) from my book Victorian Lace Today and the pattern is found on page 90. I left the border off as I knew I didn't have enough wool and so made up a lovely stole. I am knitting  out of my Fleece Artist kid mohair, wool& nylon dark brown a Shetland shawl pattern Drops Design 87-1 plus I started out of my Briggs and Little smoke (gray coloured) sport weight wool a Trinity shawl also found on Ravelry. Phew!

  I had a great time at London Wul on Thursday spinning with the ladies and I bought more sock yarn and lace weight yarn at the sale at Cricket Cove on Saturday then enough. Yup I am a pretty happy little gal right now.
  Tonight is knitting at Read's at 6pm and it's back to work for me tomorrow so I can pay for all my purchases.
Take Care and if you can't be good at least be happy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vests and Other Matters

Just wanted to share a few things.
Last Monday night's knit group was wonderful. A great turn out and I shared with the group how to do a three needle bind off. This particular bind off easily replaces the Kitchener Stitch so if you have a phobia of the Kitchener stitch you will want to Google the three needle bind off. It is super easy. The group meets again this Wednesday, May 5th at 6pm.
  I had made the statement to Linda at London Wul that I don't wear vests. Now I stewed on that statement for a time and I asked myself, "why don't I wear vests?" I couldn't come up with an answer.So Linda if your reading know that I have indeed added vests to my list of items to wear and to knit. You will see  below the picture of a vest I knitted last week. The pattern is  Lion Brand Cable Accent vest. I substituted the yarn with Sirdar Big Softy which was in my stash. I am now working on a Lopi vest in the palest of gray. Also a very simple pattern. There are also pictures of a hat that is a Lopi pattern but I used Brigg's and Little Heritage and the socks I knit in the class I just finished teaching. The Noro silk garden lite sock is heavier than the kuryeon but man are they ever soft.
  I picked up my high speed flyer for my Ashford, Traveller spinning wheel on Thursday and DH just put the 2nd coat of penetrating oil on it last evening. I can hardly wait to give it a whorl on my days off.

  Hope to see you on Wednesday