Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Briggs&Little

So what's the scoop?
Well I paid my 1st visit ever to the Brigg's and Little store last Tuesday. I grew up in the area but as you all know I didn't grow up a knitter. Hence, this 1st visit thing. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Briggs and Little is located in Harvey, New Brunswick in the pretty as a postcard surroundings and although the store is tiny the selection of B&L products is delightful. I bought enough roving to start a White Buffalo sweater and some sport weight yarn.I now wish I had purchased more of the sport as the colour selection at B&L is fabulous. Well worth the visit.
  I have been knitting shawls like my life depends on it. I have so many skeins of mohair that I decided to knit em up. I completed a triangular shawl out of Heidi's hand-dyed mohair in fuchsia. The picture makes it look red but trust me it is fuchsia. I used the pattern yo-yo-stripes by Jennifer Thompson that I found on Ravelry. This little shawl knit up in a jiffy and the mohair makes it nice and light. So light in fact that I added a crochet shell border to keep it from flying away in the wind. I completed a diamond patterned wrap out of yellow mohair (same source for the wool) from my book Victorian Lace Today and the pattern is found on page 90. I left the border off as I knew I didn't have enough wool and so made up a lovely stole. I am knitting  out of my Fleece Artist kid mohair, wool& nylon dark brown a Shetland shawl pattern Drops Design 87-1 plus I started out of my Briggs and Little smoke (gray coloured) sport weight wool a Trinity shawl also found on Ravelry. Phew!

  I had a great time at London Wul on Thursday spinning with the ladies and I bought more sock yarn and lace weight yarn at the sale at Cricket Cove on Saturday then enough. Yup I am a pretty happy little gal right now.
  Tonight is knitting at Read's at 6pm and it's back to work for me tomorrow so I can pay for all my purchases.
Take Care and if you can't be good at least be happy.

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mereoshop said...

I had a great time when I visited B&L last year! I went on a tour of the Mill with my mom, and took over 100 photos. Everyone was so friendly and open. I know I'll return!
Good to see you blogging again!