Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vests and Other Matters

Just wanted to share a few things.
Last Monday night's knit group was wonderful. A great turn out and I shared with the group how to do a three needle bind off. This particular bind off easily replaces the Kitchener Stitch so if you have a phobia of the Kitchener stitch you will want to Google the three needle bind off. It is super easy. The group meets again this Wednesday, May 5th at 6pm.
  I had made the statement to Linda at London Wul that I don't wear vests. Now I stewed on that statement for a time and I asked myself, "why don't I wear vests?" I couldn't come up with an answer.So Linda if your reading know that I have indeed added vests to my list of items to wear and to knit. You will see  below the picture of a vest I knitted last week. The pattern is  Lion Brand Cable Accent vest. I substituted the yarn with Sirdar Big Softy which was in my stash. I am now working on a Lopi vest in the palest of gray. Also a very simple pattern. There are also pictures of a hat that is a Lopi pattern but I used Brigg's and Little Heritage and the socks I knit in the class I just finished teaching. The Noro silk garden lite sock is heavier than the kuryeon but man are they ever soft.
  I picked up my high speed flyer for my Ashford, Traveller spinning wheel on Thursday and DH just put the 2nd coat of penetrating oil on it last evening. I can hardly wait to give it a whorl on my days off.

  Hope to see you on Wednesday


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lisa said...

Hi there! I was reading your post (looking at your pattern) and noticed you are in the Moncton area!!!! I have property in Upper Cape (my sister has a house there too) and I visit at least once a year. I would love to know about whatever LYS is available. I noticed a few on your site. I am on ravelry if you want to check me out - knit and weave - want to learn to spin.ravelry id is wildwoodlisa.