Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking the Good with the Bad

It has been a while since my last post, as was pointed out to me at Monday's knit group, so I shall update you now. July has been a busy month. I completed a few shawls, worked on some projects and started some new projects.

  So the good. Well I completed the Moss-Fern-Wrap by Kimberly K. McAlindin from Interweave Crochet, Fall 2009. I used Berrocco, Ultra Alpaca Fine in 1282.

Moss Fern Wrap

I had purchased a neat little kit from Cricket Cove in June with my birthday $$. It was a melange of different weight and shades of yarns in red in a little nylon bag. There was enough yarn to create 3 scarves or a wrap. I opted for a fringed triangular shawl. Geesh I forgot to say that the style was to be "free range". If you aren't certain of what that is check out Jane Thornley's site. I enjoyed the challenge of being somewhat unstructured in my knitting and I had combed through my books, magazines and many websites looking for a suitable pattern. I decided on Aunt Phebe's Comfort Shawl by Donna Druchanas. Here is one bad. I had spent a fair amount of time looking for a pattern and was reminded by Therese at knitting group that there was a pattern supplied in the kit. The good is that they are almost identical and I changed the cast on to use only 3 stitches and size 10mm needles.When I started knitting the shawl I didn't think I would care for it very much but upon completion I know I will enjoy wearing it. I like it very much.

Free Range Shawl

Close up of free range shawl
More good. DH and I went to visit our DD for a day and we of course visited LK yarns and I purchased a skein of Noro "Sekku" lace weight yarn  in citrus or colour 1 and for a shawl from the book folk shawls I bought 3 skeins of "Cadenza Hand Paints" by Estelle in a teal pathway 968. Very yummy. Besides visiting and yarn shopping with my DD we visited my DB (dear brother) in his new apartment. I was wowed by his design sense!! The 2 bedroom upper and main floor apt was surprising enough but I really believed my newly  separated, submariner brother would have just the bare necessities. Not so!! The apt is tastefully decorated and neat as a pin. I am certainly looking forward to spending some time there. Despite the sad reason for him having to acquire the place he certainly has set it up to be a comfy place for himself and his daughters when they visit.Plus DH and I went for a day up to my Mum's and my Aunt was there. I hadn't seen her for a longtime and I was delighted to learn that she had started knitting again. Congratulations to our niece on the birth of her 1st baby.The weather here has  been exceptional and that is always good. I have  been reading a lot of feel good books by my favorite authors; Debbie Macomber, Robyn Carr, Sherryl Woods, Earlene Fowler and Maggie Sefton. Ah, brain candy is always good.

 Are you ready for the bad?
 Well actually it was really only one bad day. Yesterday was bad. I would have to say it was an "I Love Lucy" kind of day. It was suppose to be my last day off before going back to work but I am obviously off today. The day started off typically with me doing piles of laundry and housework before having to return to work for 4 days. Then while I was down on the carpet vaccuming under the sofa my very light weight vaccum snuck up behind me and, please don't laugh too hard at this, sucked a hank of my hair up into it's power bar. I swear it took a handful of hair right from my scalp. There was blood! So there I was face pressed to the carpet and unable to reach the turn off switch with my hair being yanked out. Thankfully the belt became overheated and the darn thing shut off. Hair fell for at least 30 minutes. To comfort myself I went to town to a shoe sale and bought a pair of DANSKO's. That afternoon I was down by the pool when I decided I should go bring the cat litter I had purchased in from the car. I  was walking along and was almost to the stairs when I took a mistep and fell between the deck and the pool! I laid there stunned briefly, got up, made my way into the house, laid on the ottoman and wept. Meanwhile my dogs were frantic and the cat litter was totally forgotten. I think I got off lucky, a bit of whiplash, bruising, sore from head to toe and some double vision for a couple of hours. I spent a horrible night trying to sleep but doing absolutley nothing today has helped. So now you tell me wasn't that an I love Lucy kind of day?

 I will be back at work tomorrow and because it is a Civic holiday on Monday, knit group will be meeting on Wednesday, August the 4th. My love to group members Deina who is tending to a sick relative and to Doris who lost her brother suddenly. We are all thinking of you.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Joanne's Wrap

I have to telll you that for my birthday DH gave me some $$ to support my habit and I spent a lovely hour at CC buying laceweight and sock yarn and I still have my gift certificate for some yummy stuff at London Wul. Yahoo!! I have to say this was my best birthday ever.

Monday night's knitting meeting was wonderful.Joanne finished her lovely blue wrap that was a free pattern from Michael's. She did a great job.I always enjoy our meetings. It's so good to just sit and knit or crochet and listen to all the chit chat and see what everyone is working on. Feel free to join us.Our next meeting is Wednesday, July 7th.