Monday, August 9, 2010


 Well last week the worse thing I did to myself was to crush my right thumb in the garden door. So it was a pretty good week.

     Last Wednesday night knit group was small with Therese, Nathalie and I. Very cozy. We had a surprise guest for a few minutes, the lovely and vivacious  Marielynn stopped by and sat a spell to knit on her shawl. Marie Lynn was home visiting her parents as she has been teaching in Korea for 4 years.

    I have decided that I am not very fond  of knitting borders onto triangular shawls. It just seems to take forever. I have no problem knitting borders onto circular or square shawls! I offer no apologies and can give no reason for this. Just a personal preference.

   DH informed me the other day that he may go home for a week early in September. Boy howdy talk about short notice. I ran around like mad when I got home from work last night hunting for the 2 balls of red Sirdar ,Tweedie Chunky yarn I had purchased in the spring to knit my SIL her requested hat. I found the yarn after about an hour and managed to about 9 inches of the cable band before the Sandman got up to me. The pattern is 9069 and I am making the beret. This is thankfully a quick knit project.

   Well that is all for now. See you Wednesday evening.

Take care

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