Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Silk Purse from A Sow's Ear

   So what do you make with wild spun yarn?
   Well I made a cute pair of mary jane slippers from  Knit Simple  magazine, holiday 2010 issue, pgs31& 66, designer Alicia Kachmar. Pictured below is the original wild spun yarn, the wild spun yarn with a previously spun chunky yarn and the slippers.

Wild Yarn
Wild Yarn Combo
Wild Mary Janes

      When I arrived home I had the above yarn and an unplied sparkly skein that I had drum carded at the retreat. I plied it with a silver metallic crochet cotton and the result is below.

Sparkly Wild Yarn
          I noticed this neat hat pattern in a Spin Off magazine last year. It is the Tahoe hat from the winter 2009 issue, pgs 88-90, designer Jill Smith-Mott. This is a good pattern because you use small amounts of fiber to knit it up. I must say it is a rather large hat at 24 inches. I did a rib at 86 sts and it is still a bit big.I like it and will probably make another on smaller needles.

Tahoe Hat
      Knit club will be meeting at Read's on Wednesday the 3rd and then heading to Salisbury for a church bazaar and tea.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Retreat Roundup

  Well what a wild weekend Ash and I had at the 10th Annual Handspinner's Retreat at the Rod Mill River Resort on PEI. Wha-hoo!! We spun, swam, spun, ate, shopped, slept, spun and shopped some more. Met new people and reacquainted with people I met last year. Ash spun for the first time on a wheel and she loved it so much that when queried if she would like a wheel for Christmas it was a resounding yes. As luck would have it Heidi was spinning on a borrowed Ashford, Kiwi that was for sale. Thanks Elaine for telling us about that and mediating the sale. Ash and I brought her new used wheel here early yesterday and sanded and treated it before her Dad took her home to Halifax. Along with the usual 3 bobbins and lazy kate she got a jumbo flyer and a stand alone skeiner. Merry Christmas Ash. Heh,heh now all I have to do is knit that shawl you asked for. Ash's Kiwi is lovely and if she decides to sell it I get first dibs. Now I couldn't ask for better.

Ash's Kiwi

Finished Kiwi

   The weekend was just great. I came out of my comfort zone and tried some carding and spun same. Rosalie showed me how to chain/Navajo ply. Thanks Rosalie and congratulations on winning that wild carder. You lucky pink-sparkly shooed gal. Ash won a pair of hand knit socks from Maine and I won a wonderful bag of goodies as a door prize from The Loop of Halifax. See what was in it.

 We bought fiber galor. I mean I filled my wheeled shopping cart with it as well as a Spin Off 2011 calendar and the Alden Amos handspinning book. What a weekend.  Thank You to Louise and Elaine for organizing and we will see you next year in Nova Scotia. See what I bought.

  I finished my Lakehouse socks just in time to wear them to the retreat and here they are.

   Here are pictures of  Ki Ki and the chicks just before we left. The chicks are now going out side the coop into the pen.They weren't going out when the pics were taken.

  To everyone at the retreat who asked me about the apron Ashley was wearing it is Simplicity pattern #7481. I believe I said it was a Butterick pattern. Sorry about that.

  Well it is back to the real world. Tomorrow is the first class of 2 color, 2 at once, cuff down socks at Cricket Cove in Moncton. I am looking forward to the class and will be happy to make your acquaintance. Tonight is knitting at Read's in Riverview at 6pm and hope to see you there.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apron Crazy Weekend

   Well let me just tell you that we named our new kitten "Ki Ki" and we of course actually call her Ki Ki-D. Our little princess has been well received by our two large canines, Barclay and Ralfie. Our cat Tansy on the other hand is still at that hiss and growl stage of their relationship. Poor Tansy is quite put out.

  My Mum was here on Thursday, her birthday! Sorry I can not reveal her age. We had a great visit and DH and I took her out for supper at The Homestead and the staff there sang happy birthday to her and served her, her peanut butter pie with a candle. It was so nice of them and supper was more wonderful because of it.

 Friday after going to Curves I came home and started making a bag to carry my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. I have a little luggage cart to pull it but I feel it needs protection from the weather. The bag is almost complete just a few little things to add before this weekends retreat. The making of the bag led me to a weekend frenzy of apron making. I swear to you that I did nothing but make aprons until noon today and I only stopped then to go to London Wul to knit and um I had to bathe before going. Eww!! Too much info! I made a couple of aprons for the Tie One On apple cider apron theme. I will post those pictures when the deadline for the theme has been reached in December. I made a few other aprons and I of course made a new spinning apron. Check them out.  I really enjoyed making the spinning apron as it allowed me to use the embroidery option on my sewing machine.

Wednesday knitting club was great fun this week with a good turnout. Many thanks to Deina for donating fabric to the group. We all appreciate your generosity and as you can see I have been making good use of some of it. Doris is working on some snowmen to sell at her Church`s Christmas bazaar. Joanne is working on this really pretty crochet baby afghan , I am almost finished the Lakehouse socks. This week the meeting will be Wednesday evening again on the 20th and then on Monday evening the 25th after the spinning retreat.

  Well I must look after the bread I have rising and get ready for sleep.


3 Pocket Apron

Asian Fabric Apron

Floral Apron

Back Floral Apron

Spinning Apron

Back Spinning Apron

Clos up Front

Close up Back

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Home Front

Well number one. Happy Birthday to my dear daughter Ashley. Twenty-eight years ago today you arrived and my life has been enhanced ever since. See you on the 21st girlie. We will have an awesome time at the handspinner's retreat.

Number two. I have not as of yet been able to sneak up quietly enough of  on the 2 baby chicks to get a photo. They are still being sat on by their Mum. Sigh! Hubby built a box for them and placed it on the floor to get them out of the nesting box which is quite high off the ground. I want so badly to hold them so they will be less shy of us then their mother is. Besides chicks are so cute.

It has been an odd kind of week or two. As you all know I have been trying to safe a bit of spending money for the upcoming retreat an almost impossible task and I am going to tell you why. First our water cooler gave up the ghost. So there was $$ out of pocket for that. I must say that the new water cooler is more energy efficient and the cold and hot water are that. Then the washing machine quit in the middle of it's rinse cycle full of water and bedding. Hubby got it drained and we got it repaired. Then I went to do dishes and the fawcet came off in my hand. Thank goodness it has a lifetime guarantee so we are awaiting a replacement. Moen really does give you excellent service and they stand-by their products. Meanwhile a screwdriver is getting the job done. We had to have our septic tank sucked, why do you suppose they call those trucks "honey dippers"? I mean the fluid level was a foot away from filling the tank to overflow. Mind you our 500 gallon tank had not been sucked since we built the hous 9 years ago! Anyways, I am hoping that will be the last of the breakages and extra costs 'til at least next month.

Yesterday I headed out to London Wul for some spinning. I have to work Sunday so fortunately for me the Thursday ladies are very welcoming. I bought a bag of mohair to spin/ply with my polworth to make any socks I knit from it stronger and I also bought a bag of soysilk and wool to spin. The most amazing thing is that when I arrived Heidi was cradling a small kitten. Some person had abandoned it as far as Heidi could ascertain. She is a pretty little medium haired tabby and quite frightened. Heidi's hubby is severely allergic to cats so I brought her home in my coat and popped her in our pet carrier and placed her in the ensuite with a litter box, some food and a baby gate keeping secure away from our 2 dogs. Not that the dogs would harm her. She is just too frightened right now and too little to be running around. She just wants to find a dark safe place to hide. The poor little thing. I am calling the vet to set up an appointment to have heer checked out and I haven't named her yet. I have to observe her for a few days but I am liking Rose or Lilac so far. I managed 1 good photo of her.

Our New Kitten
 I managed to complete a Traveling Fern Lace Scarf by Sherrie Xie. I had joined the Spin Along and Lace Knitting groups at London Wul this spring and I have finally completed my project. The fiber was some of Heidi's hand dyed Polworth in brown-pink-mauves and I spun it fairly fine on my Louet ,Victoria. It was one of the 1st things I have spun in abundance. The scarf is 10"wide x 41"long unblocked and 13"wide x 51"long blocked. I overdyed it with a scarlet color that made it more red-rust in tones and I like it very much.

Blocked Scarf

Close Up of Scarf Pattern

Well hubby has regained consciousness woken up so I best go have a coffee with him and get on with my day. As I am working this weekend "Happy Thanksgiving" fellow Canadians.

Keep the Home Fires Roaring

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So it's been a while since I last posted. Let me bring you all up to speed

Well when last I posted DD was visiting and we had a good time. One of our things is to visit second shops in the area and we hit pay dirt this visit. I found a bag of handspun wool that included 2 skeins in violets, a skein of spun sari silk and, a few balls of grey mohair. Woo-hoo! Also DD will be accompanying me to the Handspinning Retreat on P.E.I.. My birthday gift to her.

I have lots of pictures this time. I have a few projects by Therese. Notably here green and block socks, her in progress baby blanket with the 4 corner ducklings and, 2 cotton knit cardigans for her grandchildren. Excellent job Therese and aren't your grandchildren lucky. Deina's Uberball socks. My completed handspun with B&L heels and toes, a cowl, SIL's hat, Carolle's white shawl, and my Syrian shawl from the book Victorian Lace Today, page 130, made from Paton's FX sock yarn.

Therese's Socks

Therese's Projects
Deina's Socks


Syrian Shawl

Syrian Shawl Close-Up

SIL's Hat

Carolle's Shaw

Sari Silk Scarf

Handspun Socks

On the home front we have at least 1 baby chick from our hen Elly-Mae who is an Ameraucana and our rooster Clyde who is a Canadian Chantecler. I saw just 1 chick and it was so sweet. All yellow and fluffy. I just caught a brief glimpse before Elly-Mae settled over it and started snapping at me. I am so pleased after we've lost so many of our hens to a brutal attack and more to poor health. The chicks are most welcome. Poor Bonnie our Chantecler is I believe sitting on eggs that probably won't hatch. DH is very pleased.

Well that is all for now. I will post pictures of the chick(s) as soon as Gracie will allow us to take some.