Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apron Crazy Weekend

   Well let me just tell you that we named our new kitten "Ki Ki" and we of course actually call her Ki Ki-D. Our little princess has been well received by our two large canines, Barclay and Ralfie. Our cat Tansy on the other hand is still at that hiss and growl stage of their relationship. Poor Tansy is quite put out.

  My Mum was here on Thursday, her birthday! Sorry I can not reveal her age. We had a great visit and DH and I took her out for supper at The Homestead and the staff there sang happy birthday to her and served her, her peanut butter pie with a candle. It was so nice of them and supper was more wonderful because of it.

 Friday after going to Curves I came home and started making a bag to carry my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. I have a little luggage cart to pull it but I feel it needs protection from the weather. The bag is almost complete just a few little things to add before this weekends retreat. The making of the bag led me to a weekend frenzy of apron making. I swear to you that I did nothing but make aprons until noon today and I only stopped then to go to London Wul to knit and um I had to bathe before going. Eww!! Too much info! I made a couple of aprons for the Tie One On apple cider apron theme. I will post those pictures when the deadline for the theme has been reached in December. I made a few other aprons and I of course made a new spinning apron. Check them out.  I really enjoyed making the spinning apron as it allowed me to use the embroidery option on my sewing machine.

Wednesday knitting club was great fun this week with a good turnout. Many thanks to Deina for donating fabric to the group. We all appreciate your generosity and as you can see I have been making good use of some of it. Doris is working on some snowmen to sell at her Church`s Christmas bazaar. Joanne is working on this really pretty crochet baby afghan , I am almost finished the Lakehouse socks. This week the meeting will be Wednesday evening again on the 20th and then on Monday evening the 25th after the spinning retreat.

  Well I must look after the bread I have rising and get ready for sleep.


3 Pocket Apron

Asian Fabric Apron

Floral Apron

Back Floral Apron

Spinning Apron

Back Spinning Apron

Clos up Front

Close up Back

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Anonymous said...


Sounds like Tansy is still in the "ball of hate" reaction stage. My girlie cat was like that when we got the new cat, but now they're buddies, so hopefully Tansy will become accustomed to her new housemate eventually.

I like that second apron!