Friday, October 8, 2010

The Home Front

Well number one. Happy Birthday to my dear daughter Ashley. Twenty-eight years ago today you arrived and my life has been enhanced ever since. See you on the 21st girlie. We will have an awesome time at the handspinner's retreat.

Number two. I have not as of yet been able to sneak up quietly enough of  on the 2 baby chicks to get a photo. They are still being sat on by their Mum. Sigh! Hubby built a box for them and placed it on the floor to get them out of the nesting box which is quite high off the ground. I want so badly to hold them so they will be less shy of us then their mother is. Besides chicks are so cute.

It has been an odd kind of week or two. As you all know I have been trying to safe a bit of spending money for the upcoming retreat an almost impossible task and I am going to tell you why. First our water cooler gave up the ghost. So there was $$ out of pocket for that. I must say that the new water cooler is more energy efficient and the cold and hot water are that. Then the washing machine quit in the middle of it's rinse cycle full of water and bedding. Hubby got it drained and we got it repaired. Then I went to do dishes and the fawcet came off in my hand. Thank goodness it has a lifetime guarantee so we are awaiting a replacement. Moen really does give you excellent service and they stand-by their products. Meanwhile a screwdriver is getting the job done. We had to have our septic tank sucked, why do you suppose they call those trucks "honey dippers"? I mean the fluid level was a foot away from filling the tank to overflow. Mind you our 500 gallon tank had not been sucked since we built the hous 9 years ago! Anyways, I am hoping that will be the last of the breakages and extra costs 'til at least next month.

Yesterday I headed out to London Wul for some spinning. I have to work Sunday so fortunately for me the Thursday ladies are very welcoming. I bought a bag of mohair to spin/ply with my polworth to make any socks I knit from it stronger and I also bought a bag of soysilk and wool to spin. The most amazing thing is that when I arrived Heidi was cradling a small kitten. Some person had abandoned it as far as Heidi could ascertain. She is a pretty little medium haired tabby and quite frightened. Heidi's hubby is severely allergic to cats so I brought her home in my coat and popped her in our pet carrier and placed her in the ensuite with a litter box, some food and a baby gate keeping secure away from our 2 dogs. Not that the dogs would harm her. She is just too frightened right now and too little to be running around. She just wants to find a dark safe place to hide. The poor little thing. I am calling the vet to set up an appointment to have heer checked out and I haven't named her yet. I have to observe her for a few days but I am liking Rose or Lilac so far. I managed 1 good photo of her.

Our New Kitten
 I managed to complete a Traveling Fern Lace Scarf by Sherrie Xie. I had joined the Spin Along and Lace Knitting groups at London Wul this spring and I have finally completed my project. The fiber was some of Heidi's hand dyed Polworth in brown-pink-mauves and I spun it fairly fine on my Louet ,Victoria. It was one of the 1st things I have spun in abundance. The scarf is 10"wide x 41"long unblocked and 13"wide x 51"long blocked. I overdyed it with a scarlet color that made it more red-rust in tones and I like it very much.

Blocked Scarf

Close Up of Scarf Pattern

Well hubby has regained consciousness woken up so I best go have a coffee with him and get on with my day. As I am working this weekend "Happy Thanksgiving" fellow Canadians.

Keep the Home Fires Roaring

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Heidi, at London-Wul said...

I love you forgiving this little one a good home. Thank you soo much!
I was just about to message you.
You guys are the best..