Monday, October 25, 2010

Retreat Roundup

  Well what a wild weekend Ash and I had at the 10th Annual Handspinner's Retreat at the Rod Mill River Resort on PEI. Wha-hoo!! We spun, swam, spun, ate, shopped, slept, spun and shopped some more. Met new people and reacquainted with people I met last year. Ash spun for the first time on a wheel and she loved it so much that when queried if she would like a wheel for Christmas it was a resounding yes. As luck would have it Heidi was spinning on a borrowed Ashford, Kiwi that was for sale. Thanks Elaine for telling us about that and mediating the sale. Ash and I brought her new used wheel here early yesterday and sanded and treated it before her Dad took her home to Halifax. Along with the usual 3 bobbins and lazy kate she got a jumbo flyer and a stand alone skeiner. Merry Christmas Ash. Heh,heh now all I have to do is knit that shawl you asked for. Ash's Kiwi is lovely and if she decides to sell it I get first dibs. Now I couldn't ask for better.

Ash's Kiwi

Finished Kiwi

   The weekend was just great. I came out of my comfort zone and tried some carding and spun same. Rosalie showed me how to chain/Navajo ply. Thanks Rosalie and congratulations on winning that wild carder. You lucky pink-sparkly shooed gal. Ash won a pair of hand knit socks from Maine and I won a wonderful bag of goodies as a door prize from The Loop of Halifax. See what was in it.

 We bought fiber galor. I mean I filled my wheeled shopping cart with it as well as a Spin Off 2011 calendar and the Alden Amos handspinning book. What a weekend.  Thank You to Louise and Elaine for organizing and we will see you next year in Nova Scotia. See what I bought.

  I finished my Lakehouse socks just in time to wear them to the retreat and here they are.

   Here are pictures of  Ki Ki and the chicks just before we left. The chicks are now going out side the coop into the pen.They weren't going out when the pics were taken.

  To everyone at the retreat who asked me about the apron Ashley was wearing it is Simplicity pattern #7481. I believe I said it was a Butterick pattern. Sorry about that.

  Well it is back to the real world. Tomorrow is the first class of 2 color, 2 at once, cuff down socks at Cricket Cove in Moncton. I am looking forward to the class and will be happy to make your acquaintance. Tonight is knitting at Read's in Riverview at 6pm and hope to see you there.

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Anonymous said...

Kiki was lovely. She wrassled with my hand without using her needly little teeth or claws, I was amazed at how well-behaved she was in play, in fact.

I have spun another skein on my wheel since I brought it home!

♥ Ashley