Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Silk Purse from A Sow's Ear

   So what do you make with wild spun yarn?
   Well I made a cute pair of mary jane slippers from  Knit Simple  magazine, holiday 2010 issue, pgs31& 66, designer Alicia Kachmar. Pictured below is the original wild spun yarn, the wild spun yarn with a previously spun chunky yarn and the slippers.

Wild Yarn
Wild Yarn Combo
Wild Mary Janes

      When I arrived home I had the above yarn and an unplied sparkly skein that I had drum carded at the retreat. I plied it with a silver metallic crochet cotton and the result is below.

Sparkly Wild Yarn
          I noticed this neat hat pattern in a Spin Off magazine last year. It is the Tahoe hat from the winter 2009 issue, pgs 88-90, designer Jill Smith-Mott. This is a good pattern because you use small amounts of fiber to knit it up. I must say it is a rather large hat at 24 inches. I did a rib at 86 sts and it is still a bit big.I like it and will probably make another on smaller needles.

Tahoe Hat
      Knit club will be meeting at Read's on Wednesday the 3rd and then heading to Salisbury for a church bazaar and tea.

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