Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So it's been a while since I last posted. Let me bring you all up to speed

Well when last I posted DD was visiting and we had a good time. One of our things is to visit second shops in the area and we hit pay dirt this visit. I found a bag of handspun wool that included 2 skeins in violets, a skein of spun sari silk and, a few balls of grey mohair. Woo-hoo! Also DD will be accompanying me to the Handspinning Retreat on P.E.I.. My birthday gift to her.

I have lots of pictures this time. I have a few projects by Therese. Notably here green and block socks, her in progress baby blanket with the 4 corner ducklings and, 2 cotton knit cardigans for her grandchildren. Excellent job Therese and aren't your grandchildren lucky. Deina's Uberball socks. My completed handspun with B&L heels and toes, a cowl, SIL's hat, Carolle's white shawl, and my Syrian shawl from the book Victorian Lace Today, page 130, made from Paton's FX sock yarn.

Therese's Socks

Therese's Projects
Deina's Socks


Syrian Shawl

Syrian Shawl Close-Up

SIL's Hat

Carolle's Shaw

Sari Silk Scarf

Handspun Socks

On the home front we have at least 1 baby chick from our hen Elly-Mae who is an Ameraucana and our rooster Clyde who is a Canadian Chantecler. I saw just 1 chick and it was so sweet. All yellow and fluffy. I just caught a brief glimpse before Elly-Mae settled over it and started snapping at me. I am so pleased after we've lost so many of our hens to a brutal attack and more to poor health. The chicks are most welcome. Poor Bonnie our Chantecler is I believe sitting on eggs that probably won't hatch. DH is very pleased.

Well that is all for now. I will post pictures of the chick(s) as soon as Gracie will allow us to take some.


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