Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brainstoming a Mixed Media Challenge

    Well thanks to Heidi Wulfraat of London Wul I have yet another creative outlet this winter. Heidi is hosting a Mixed Media challenge until December 31st and I have course have signed up. Now here is my dilemma! Do I  mix media in rug hooking, tole painting, knitting, quilting, cloth doll designing, teddy bear making or do a mixed media garment?? It has been a very, very long time since I worked in the medium of cloth dolls. I must admit to thinking this would be a chance to renew my love of that creative outlet. Hm decisions,decisions.

    Just a little break there as I raced into the ensuite where I had left the tub running!

   Yes my creative thoughts are flowing. I am thinking. The project will have to be fairly small as it is November. Perhaps a wallhanging with some patchwork and trapunto. Both of which are traditional quilting techniques but use the trapunto to create a face and needlesculpt the features with the hair being found objects or tiny patchwork blocks flowing into the wallhanging, add some crazy quilting, paint/embroider/bead the facial features. Hm it has possibilities. Title the entire thing  "Into the Quilt". Oh my I am liking this. Stay tuned as I will be  uploading sketches later.

  Tonight is Sock class night at Cricket Cove. I had two out of three students show last week. Both very nice women and they have proven to be accomplished knitters. Which is a good thing as learning to knit 2 socks using the Magic Loop method does take a bit of knitting knowledge. We are knitting a modified Patons Fair Isle sock pattern and it is quite nice.

  Tomorrow night the Read's Knitting Group will be meeting at Read's and taking off for tea and shopping at the United Church bazaar in Salisbury. Where JoAnne and Doris of our little group are volunteering their time and some items. Exciting!

   Last night I managed to spin and Navajo ply a finished skein of 39 yards of some roving I purchased at MacAusland's Woolen Mill on P.E.I. while at the handspinning retreat. I had purchased a variety of colours and I am spinning them in a particular colour order. Which is why I am Navajo plying. After seeing the lovely scarf sample at London Wul that has the colours so nicely ordered I thought why not give it a try.

   Well now I must get busy and make a few samples up for tonight's class, do housework, and make lunch for DH.

    You all have a great day and remember Spinners do it on the flyer. Groan!

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