Monday, November 22, 2010

No Title , Just a Note

Hi there due to the snow there was just Deina and I at knitting tonight. We had a nice quiet night and I finished off a pair of socks. Speaking of socks. My sock class at CC finished last Thursday night and the ladies did a great job. I will post pictures of socks in a few days.

I have noticed more and more houses decorated for the Holidays and a few decorations have crept out into the open at Curves in Riverview (the gym I frequent). Bravo to JoAnn for finding a family that needs the assistance of some of Santa's helpers to provide a fun filled holiday. I always feel so much more Christmasy knowing I have added to someone's joy.

Well that is all really.

Take care.The next Read's knitting group meeting will be at 6pm Monday the 29th but if there is a storm we will try Wednesday the 1st of December.

Keep your sticks in the wool.

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