Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy December

Well happy December to one and all and yes I am finished my holiday shopping, no my tree is not up yet. I usually put the tree up the week of the 10th. This year should be interesting with the kitten. No I am not decorated yet either. I do that with the tree. Baking,baking! What is that? I used to bake like a mad woman for the holidays but since there is just DH and myself I just do light baking. You know a few of our truly favorite things. Quite frankly I am not a great baker. My cookies are usually too brown on the bottom and my cakes don't rise as high as they should. So I usually make peanut butter balls and shortbread cookies. I used to make peanut butter brittle now I just buy it along with chocolates and other goodies.

This past week at knitting was great. Deina shared the moebius cowl she completed. I never particularly cared for them but Deina's is great as can be wrapped around like a small ponchette.
Deina's Moebius

Joanne shared her lovely pink and white crocheted baby blanket she completed for someone where she works.
Joanne's Baby Blanket

 I shared 2 pairs of socks I completed. The striped pair are just basic knit using 2 at time magic loop from the toe up. The yarn is North Pole, Victoriana. The fair isle socks are from a class I taught at Cricket Cove and is a modified Paton's pattern. Modified from DPN to 2 at a time magic loop.
My Socks

I want to share with you all the new and wonderful present I bought for myself. I purchased a set of Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles from Zen Yarn Garden. I purchased the small set to use for knitting socks and lace. I received the set with the very lovely red case. Delivery was quick and I received a lovely note from the proprieters. I have not actually knit with them yet. I have just fondled them and looked at them but I plan to road test them on my days off. They are very pretty.

Hiya Hiya Needle Set

My Mum was down last weekend I took her out for supper and by the time we left the restaurant there was quite a snowstorm. I realized how awful my tires were. Does the term slip-sliding away ring a bell? Thank goodness I was scheduled on Monday for servicing and having my winter tires put on. Of course it has been raining for 2 or 3 days now and the snow is all gone but I know it will return and I am ready. It was good to see Mum and I gave her, her Christmas presents. I hope she likes them.
I haven't been spinning much. What with teaching class, working and studying for my recerts ans them doing the recerts at work there hasn't been much time. I didn't go last Sunday due to the bald tire thing. I couldn't get out of the driveway. I should be able to make spinning this coming Thursday and look forward to going to London Wul with the ladies.
Our next meeting is Wednesday night, December 8th. This will be our last meeting at Read's before we break for the holidays. Hope to see you there until then stay warm and cozy.


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