Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pre Ho!Ho! Update

 Well it is getting close to Christmas day and it is past time for an update.

As promised are the pictures of my "Apple Cider" aprons made for the Tie One On challenge of the same name.The full apron is made from apple fabric that my friend Deina gave to me this fall and the half apron was actually a curtain that I purchased this past \spring at a second hand shop. They were great fun to make and I look forward to the next challenge.

Apple Cider Full Apron

Apple Cider 1/2 Apron
 We had a few busy weeks at knit club at Read's with plenty of show and share.Here is Joanne's moebius as modelled by Nathalie and Deina's hat.I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. I had only my cell on hand.

As you know I have been working on a mixed media fiber challenge hosted by London Wul of Moncton. Here are a few photos of my work thus far. I seem to be stuck on the exact right hair and hairstyle for this 3D wall hanging. I will look in my doll making box and come up with something.

Sketch and pinned head
Stuffed face

The group met at the Homestead for supper on Wednesday evening and a great time it was. I mean really the Homestead does serve very filling food and wonderful pies. Our Deina had called ahead and reserved a peanut butter pie for us. Thank you for that Deina and the Homestead agreed even though they don't normally offer that particular pie on Wednesday. If you have never had their peanut butter pie you simply must go and try it, it is divine. Since it was our last meeting before the holidays I made the ladies a darning egg each. They were fun to make. I purchased the wood eggs and the wood coat rack pegs at Michael's. My sweetie of a hubby did his magic with drill and glue and assembled them for me. Then the fun began! I got to tole paint them and varnish them and then give them as gifts. Very satisfying.

Darning Eggs
Half the eggs

Half the eggs
 The group will not be meeting again until mid February 2011.
From my house to yours I wish you all a joyous and peace filled holiday season.

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