Friday, December 23, 2011

Wanted and Needed

So it's December the 23rd and yesterday I picked up the Ashford Jumbo Flyer, 2 jumbo bobbins and some practice fibre from Heidi at London Wul. It certainly was nice to see Heidi again and that she had the above waiting for me at her shop made it even better. I definitely needed the flyer as I want to start spinning some bulky weight yarn to make Lopi type sweaters etc..

Jumbo Flyer

The bobbins are drying having been treated with Minwax. I haven't spun since late October due to a sprained shoulder but I had to try the flyer out and so spun a bit this afternoon. I like it! I like it a lot! The sliding hooks on this baby work like a dream and I just know the flyer and I are going to be great pals.

I am always on the look out for needles and of course I had to snag a set of Knitter's Pride interchangeable Acrylics as well as the chunky set. The set is quite nice. Very reminiscent of Knit Picks except the cable is a little thicker. The joins are quite smooth and the tips just sharp enough. I purchased my set from WEBS and the very day they arrived here I discovered in the Mary Maxim catalogue that arrived the same day that Mary Maxim is also selling these needles and to my delight my LYS, Cricket Cove is now selling the straight and DPNs . Yeah!!
Knitter's Pride Acrylic Interchangeable Needles
I finally managed to finish DH's Lopi sweater this morning. Hooray!! Go team! This is the first sweater I have knit him and I am well pleased with the fit. Note to self, gauge swatches really do work! Who knew? The colours are a bit blah but as DH is a mechanic and tends to attract grease like a magnet the colour is probably just right.

DH and Barclay

 Well that shall be it until after The Day. I hope everyone has a joyous, safe and wonderful holiday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Party and Eats!

Well it wasn't really a party but our groups annual Holiday supper at the Homestead Restaurant. As usual I ate far too much. Thanks to Nathalie for the nice stitch markers. Note the coffee motive on them. Does that gal no me or what? Thanks to Deina for the nice bag she made containing homemade jam. Yum! Thanks to Therese for giving us all special cards thereby making a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation and to Doris for bringing the lovely angel pins she had made from some of her china mugs and to JoAnne for delivering fudge. Yum,yum,yum! We will be taking a break and meeting at Read`s in Riverview on January 11th, 2012 at 6pm.

Stitch markers and Deina`s gift bag containing jam
Tomorrow DH and I head down to Halifax to deliver Christmas presents and goodies. I am the first to admit that I am a basic cook and baker. There are things I make on the stove top that make very good holiday sweets. Such as Church Windows and Chocolate Macaroons. I also make a very good Peanut Butter Ball. Below is one of four trays I made up after physio today to take to family. It also includes Rice Krispie squares. Thanks to my physiotherapist Chris Mercer for that idea. Below the picture find my peanut butter ball recipe which is so easy you`ll be amazed.

Peanut Butter Balls
1/2 cup peanut butter (any kind you like)
1/2 cup icing sugar
some sifted cocoa
some sweetened coconut (shredded or flaked)

Mix the peanut butter and icing sugar together. Form into balls and roll in coconut or cocoa.
You can also form the balls around a large nut, maraschino cherry before rolling.
makes 12-16

That is all there is to it. Honestly! That is it. If you find there a little dry roll them in a bit of melted butter before rolling in coconut. I also like them rolled in a crushed pecans and coconut mixture. Really there is no limit to what you can roll these in. They can be dipped in melted chocolate as well.

Well that is all for now.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Early Monday Morning Mobile Update

It is just after 5:30 am here and because my Mum and I discovered on Saturday that we both purchased the same outfits for my brother's girls for Christmas I shall be leaving for Walmart soon to return the ones I bought. I thought that it was kind of funny that we did that.
The photos are of the  dumpling bag I made for my Aunt Marjorie using Alafos Lopi. The outfit is for my Great Niece Victoria. The Ribbed Jacket is a free pattern by Debbie Bliss.I made the body out of Patons Classic Wool, Petal Pink. It took 2 balls and the ribbing, hat and, mittens are Bernat Baby Jacquards Florals,Rosebud. The mittens are by Ruth Bendig and the pattern is Toddler Mittens on a String. The hat pattern is a free Bernat pattern Frilly Top and Tootsies

Dumpling bag

Victoria's Set

I felted a pair of mittens using Briggs and Little's Regal this weekend. Let me tell you if you want to knit a garment that it'll take a lot to shrink it this is the yarn to use as it took about an hour in the wash to shrink them. They did turn out quite lovely. I  used Catherine Vardy's pattern purchased at Cricket Cove. I also purchased the yarn there. CC has 30% off selected yarns on Fridays until Christmas. I will put a photo up after Christmas as they are a gift and I know the recipient reads this blog.

Tonight the group is meeting for annual Christmas meal at the Homestead restaurant before we take our holiday break. Yummy!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deina's Sweater

Deina's sweater she made as a gift for her DIL. The pattern is by Norah Gaughan called "Peace" and is made with Berrocco puma. Lucky DIL.
Mobiley Yours

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Camera Eating Photos

Well I did  have a few photos of my morning sock class that I had taken with my phone but they seem to have been eaten by some mysterious photo eating monster!! I was pleasantly surprised that all of my students had completed their socks. I hope you all continue making socks 2 at the same time on 1 circular needle.
Hubby drove me to London Wul on Saturday. I hadn't been since October. Heidi has some lovely sparkly fiber that she has dyed for sale. Even though I can't spin right now I bought a bag of yummy purple. I have been working on a few little projects like a sweet little cardigan for my year old niece. It is a free pattern by Debbie Bliss found at the All About You website.I have completed 5 Dumpling bags and plan to make at least 1 more. Thanks to Nathalie and Deina for your felting tips. I was having quite a time getting the process to work consistently. Your tips to use a pair of jeans in the washer and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of baking soda in the water seems to have done the trick. I used Plymouth yarns Galway Paint 100% wool on this one. They are such cute little project bags. I but a skein of Briggs and Little Heritage in rust at London Wul to make myself another one.Three others are gifts and one is too small (that one I made before the felting tips).

My Dumpling bag
Yesterday I decorated the house for Christmas. I used about a quarter of the usual amount of decorations. Just have to put the tree up this weekend. I would send of gifts but have been waiting for my Avon order and last week I ordered a special something, something from WEBS for my daughter. Otherwise I am good to go for the holiday.

We are meeting at Read's on Wednesday,December 7th. Next week we will be meeting at the Homestead restaurant in Riverview for a little supper and chat before the holidays. Until Wednesday then.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Socks, Again!!

This morning is my final class of teaching 2 Toe-Up Socks on 1 Circular Needle at Cricket Cove in Moncton until the next time. I taught two classes one in the morning and one in the evening. I am always delighted to pass on this great sock knitting technique. I believe my students are usually amazed at the end of the classes that they have actually knitted a pair of socks this way. I never am. Here are a few things I want to pass on to all of you that want to knit socks in this fashion and have no LYS nearby offering classes. There are a number of books available that usually have visual aids that should assist you.The Internet is a great resource.There is You Tube with all its videos and search engines, Ravelry, Pattern Central,, and many more.

The ladies in these two classes asked about baby socks. Foot size and how many stitches to cast on to total number of stitches. It is very difficult to answer those questions in a general way. Antje Gillingham offers a toe up pattern in her book Knitting More Circles Around Socks. The book is written for toe-ups on 2 circular needles but as I tell my students it is easy to convert the patterns to 1 circular needle. Lynne Lounsbury offers a varied pattern with a chart ranging from 3 to 36 months Easy Toe-Up Baby/Toddler Socks and p2designs offers patterns on DPNs with a conversion box at the end of the patterns.

The ladies were also interested in darning. I am going to brag here a bit and tell you all that I have not had to darn any of my hand knit socks to date. I am ready to do so at the first sign of a hole. I have my darning egg and needle all set to go. Here are a few URLs that I found to be very useful in assisting you to darn socks. From Knitting Daily and Kathleen Cubley Darn There's a hole in my sock! and from HJS Darn Those Socks! These are 2 of my favorites.

 Besides knitting socks I have been knitting hats, dumpling bags, and DH's sweater is waiting for me to finish the sleeves. We are knitting this week on Wednesday evening at 6pm at Read's in Riverview (weather permitting). See you there.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hats and Baby Sweaters!

Very interesting day yesterday as blogger was down. Knitting at Read's last evening was great fun a dear old friend joined us for a few minutes of catching up.Hey Theresa T.!

JoAnne made a few hats for holiday gifts and they are smashing. Good job JoAnne and thanks for sharing.

JoAnne's hat
Another of JoAnne's hats

Therese had made a few items for her DD as baby presents for her then unborn child. Her DD had a boy, Samuel on Friday past. Here are the pictures she took of the dresses before they were off to MontrĂ©al.  Both patterns are from 'Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders' The dress uses Noro Silk garden sock yarn, and the vest uses Briggs & Little Tuffy Canadian sock yarn. Congratulations! Felicitation! To Therese and family.

So cute Noro dresses!

So sweet!

I too have been making hats. The pink hat is a plain bulky knitted hat with a pompom, the grey hat is a free pattern from London Wul and is by Heidi Wulfraat called Twisted Top , the green hat is also a free pattern by Daniella Cortez. It  is found on Ravelry and is called Nature Hike Hat . All are knit with bulky weight yarn and knit up very quickly. The nature hike hat I used pencil roving and spun it a couple of years ago when I first started spinning.

Basic bulky knit hat

Nature Hike Hat

Twisted Top
 I started DH's Lopi sweater on Nov. 4th and he is ever so excited!! Lopi knits up so fast. If you are looking for quick knit but nice garments for holiday or winter gifts you may want to consider Lopi patterns. You can also check out DROPS . There are lots of free patterns there.

Today I am teaching at Cricket Cove, Moncton in the morning and evening. Always lots of fun doing my sock classes. Next Wednesday evening will be the Knitting Group at Read's. See you around.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Well last week at Read's we were 3 and we had a very nice time. We are hoping Deina is feeling better.

Today is Halloween and I worked. It was a good day. I work with an excellent group of people. A few of them are going to let me help them learn to knit or improve their knitting skills. Bwah-ha-ha!
Rachel,Marie,me and Carole

 The meeting of the regular Read's knitting group is this Wednesday evening. There may be a small road trip to join Doris and JoAnne at their church's bazarre. No trick, a treat.

I am off to bed now as it has been a long day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pictures Gone!

I must apologise to JoAnne as the pictures I took of her hats and ruffled scarf last week have mysteriously disappeared. I'm sorry.

Well sock class started last week at Cricket Cove and it went very well. I am interested to see how the ladies made out. I will have to wait until Nov. 8th. No one has phoned me for help so they must be doing okay. Evening class starts this Thursday and Knitting at Read's is this Wednesday from 6pm until 7pm as per usual. Last week my daughter joined in the fun and then she and I went to Michael's as I needed some items and she is always interested in purchasing beads.

Speaking of purchases I have asked Heidi at London Wul to order me a bulky flyer kit for my double drive Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. I have so much fibre from the retreat that I would be 5 years spinning it all into sock or lace weight. Hence the purchase. Thanks Heidi for your advice on that.

My fleece was finally all dried this morning so I shook it and fluffed it and put in a bag to be carded into batts later this week when I am off work. DD and I are certainly getting lots of batts from it. I think she got at least 6 or 7 and I carded 4 more from the fleece we did for her. I didn't weigh the stuff I bagged this morning but out of the original 7lbs we probably got about 6lbs after it was washed. I think that is pretty good. We had a great time DD and I carding the fleece and we also carded together some wool and alpaca. She took home a few batts and I kept a few. I spun up some very nice singles out of some of it. We both enjoyed spinning at London Wul last Thursday. We had to leave early as I had made a batch of beans that were ready to eat by 4pm and she was supposed to hook up with her BFF. Her plans fell through so she spent the night hanging with me and we had fun. I miss her.

Hubby is getting quite impatient for me to start knitting his Lopi sweater as it is getting chilly here. Well he will probably have to wait a few more weeks until sock classes are almost finished. Sorry dear.

 Well until next time

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spinning Weekend

So here it is  October 19th and I have been home 2 days. So it has been 3 days since the 11th Annual Maritime Spinners Retreat. What can I say I have been busy.

Last Friday, October 14th, I headed out for the Old Orchard Inn near Wolfville, N.S. for a weekend of Spinning fun and what fun it was. It was great to see familiar faces, meet new friends, learn new things, and spin and shop 'til I dropped. The Old Orchard Inn was a fabulous venue with lots of space, great views, food, and people. My room was spacious and perhaps haunted! The 1st night my door blew open. Oh my room had 2 doors, the inner corridor door and the outer parking lot door. It was the parking lot door that blew open after only an hour of sleep. So I was awake again 'til almost 3am. Sigh! On Sunday morning after taking a very early am Ummm break in my vehicle my key card wouldn't work. So after a bit I trudged up to reception in my nightgown and was given a new key card but it was thanks to Odette the housekeeper that I was let back in. I must say the receptionist didn't even bat an eye and thankfully there was coffee on in the lobby so it was all good. But doesn't that sound a little haunted to you? Saturday was full of spinning, shopping and having fun. Stupid me I took a trip to Gaspreau Valley Fibres and didn't take 1 photo. I bought lots. The shop is so nice and so is the staff definitely a great place. Richard Ashford was at the retreat and that was something. I actually bought a Romney fleece, thanks Elizabeth for helping choose my very 1st fleece. There is just so much that goes on at these events that I could spend hours posting about it. Suffice to say it was an awesome event, a good time and I spent a load of $$$ and have great memories to cherish. Next year's event is going to be hosted by Moncton's Twisted Hub City Spinners. The theme is Let's Get Dizzy. It will be from October 19th to the 21st, 2012. Woo-hoo!! I can't wait.

Well I must get ready for sock class this am at Cricket Cove. Tonight I will catch up with my knitting friends at Read's in Riverview and Thursday it is more spinning fun at London Wul. I am excited this week as my daughter Ashley is here visiting.

Enjoy the pictures and I'll see you around.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

London Wul Hosts Richard Ashford Mobile Update

What a lovely night spent at London Wul where owner Heidi hosted the amusing and charming Richard Ashford of Ashford wheels and looms of New Zealand. Mr. Ashford presented a historical slide show of the company, spun, explained and performed wheel maintainance. Kate his charming associate demonstrated carding and spinning techniques. Vicissitudes to Heidi for a very successful and enjoyable evening.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Re: Mobile Update from Read's

Oops here are the socks

On Oct 3, 2011 6:23 PM, "Cindy Greenslade" <> wrote:
> Here are the climbing mistletoe socks completed. Having a great time with
> the gals knitting at Read's.

Mobile Update from Read's

Here are the climbing mistletoe socks completed. Having a great time with the gals knitting at Read's.

Monday Note

Not a very inspirational title but hey it is hard coming up with them.

Missed last weeks knitting and spinning due to a virus that is raging through the floor at the hospital where I work. A lovely little bug that I was unwilling to share. So I stayed away. Tonight we are going to meet at Read's in Riverview to knit instead of Wednesday as I have to work Wednesday until Saturday morning.

I am getting ready for the Spinning retreat. I have spun some of Heidi Wulfrat's handdyed Jacob batts into some singles and 2 ply yarn. Very nice to spin. It was my first time spinning wool from flock. I found the staple quite long and seems to have a fair bit of lanolin. I love the feel of it while spinning. Keeps my hands from drying out. Today I have to start and finish my name tag for the retreat and spin some more Jacob to ply with either beads or feathers.

I completed knitting "Climbing Mistletoe Socks" yesterday. This is a pattern I fell in love with in Issue 25 of Knitters magazine that my DH gave me last Christmas. I used a 3 ply handspun Polwarth from a roving I had purchased at London Wul in a watermelon handdyed colorway. I knit them on 1 long circular needle until after the short row heel and then I had to knit them separately because of the shifting stitches. I'll get a picture tonight and mobile upload them later.

Deina telephoned me last night and told me what a nice time she had visiting the Knit East Market this weekend. Congratulations to Cricket Cove for hosting a wonderfully popular and successful event. Too bad this gal worked Friday night and therefore couldn't attend. Sigh! Deina also reminded me that this Tuesday evening is knitting at Cricket Cove, Moncton. Give them a call for details. Thanks Deina.

Well that is all for now.See you tonight.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 Shrugs

Well another week has come and gone. We have had some great weather here and are truly thankful for it. Yes it would have been nice to have had it in August but what can you do?

Last week I visited my mother. She is looking for a hobby. I tried to get her interested in quilting a few years ago with little success. I am making no suggestions this time. I had a lovely visit. As is our custom we went to Guy's Frenchy's. A second hand store. I purchased 4 nice dresses, a skirt, cardigan and, a blouse. Now I am outfitted for my trip to Mexico in March. Almost. I need to make a blue or black shrug or shawlette.
Speaking of shrugs last Wednesday at Read's Joann and Nathalie brought in there completed beaded shrugs. They are gorgeous.

Therese was working on 2 very lovely baby dresses for granddaughter(s) knit with Noro Kuryeon. I hope they are finished this week so I can post some photos. They are so cute.

I am working away on a pair of socks. Knit with my handspun for the spinning retreat next month. I have been having a great time spinning lately. Scary!

Well see you Wednesday evening at Read's or whenever you drop by here.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Fwd: Shrug it Off

The shrug in the photo is a free pattern named "Pretty in Misti Shrug" from jimmy beans wool. It is a very easy lace pattern that can be worked up in a matter of hours. This was made from a thick and thin spun yarn purchased at London Wul and hand dyed and spun by the owner Heidi. Heidi dyed it in multicolored oranges and yellows. It is very soft and just a joy to knit and wear.

This week's knit meeting at Read's was very entertaining. Deina had arrived back from her Mediterranean cruise all tanned up with some nice stories that we all enjoyed.

I managed to get to spinning on Thursday at London Wul and had a very nice time listening to Janet tell us of her 5 day weaving workshop that she took in Massachusetts. Her samples were lovely. After I drank my large 1/2 decaf coffee I apparently was quite entertaining.

Knit East is taking place September 30th to October 2nd. Check it out.

See you next Wednesday at Reads

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well I have completed 1 Lopi sweater and I have a Lopi cardigan drying. My goodness they take a long time to dry. The pullover is an old pattern called "Maria". It has an updated version in the book "the best of lopi". It worked up in about 2 weeks.

1st Lopi sweater

The 2 color cardigan is a free pattern called "Hela". It also works up very quickly. Iam waiting for it to dry before sewing in the zipper. I just love the Lopi's and now DH wants one as well.

I spent a day spinning up some Shetland laceweight on my Ladybug. Pictured below.

Knitting at Read's tonight and next Wednesday. I won't be there tonight but I will be next week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well it has been sometime since my last entry.

What can I say it's summer.
At the meeting two weeks ago Deina brought in the stole I made for her. Looks nice on her. Classic black. You can't go wrong.Last week's meeting was graciously hosted by Deina in here home and it was so lovely. Deina's home is lovely with a very large screened summer room to sit and knit in. Deina provided us with some yummy treats, my fav was her turtle cheescake topped with fresh raspberries. Yum. Thanks so much Deina.
When I can motivate myself I will upload pictures of the Lopi pullover I completed and pictures of the 3 ply yarn I spun on my Ladybug and the 2ply I spun on my Ashford Traveller. I know some of you are thinking that knitting Lopi wool sweaters in August is a bit mental but I want them ready for when it is cooler. So I have 1 done, 1 on the needles and 1 for hubby waiting to be knit. Yup we have gone Lopi crazy.
  We meet this Wednesday at Read's.
Deina's Pooling Rivulet stole

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blogging On the Go

So this is my first mobile post. Currently working on a Lopi sweater "Maria" in reddish tweed with white accent. I finished stole for Deina a few weeks ago. I have attached a photo. Hopefully it'll load.
Knitting at Read's this Wednesday night at 6pm. See you there.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shrug and Jaywalkers

OK, OK I realize that I am posting in rapid succession but what can I say life is like that sometime.

Anyway, I have decided to try the Jaywalker toe up pattern using a 2mm, 40 inch circular and Regia cotton sock yarn. Knitting 36 sts on instep and 32 sts on sole. Two at once and so far so good. The dream is alive.

Just finished blocking the Calypso Shrug from the book Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. I made mine from a skein of Noro, Kueryon sans beads. That is with out the beads.

Well coffee break is over so back to work.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It has been some time between posts.
Sorry. What can I say it is summer and I have been busy pooling (ya know laying by the pool, swimming in the pool. Pooling the verb) I also had family visiting from Newfoundland. Hi guys keep in touch.

I have always wanted to knit Jaywalker socks. I can't explain why. Ya know just wanted to. Anyways, I have tried 3 different sock yarns on 3 various sized needles at different counts. Ya know like 68 or 64. Anyways, I guess it is just not meant to be, my feet are very narrow and so I shall pass on the Jaywalkers. I blocked the Calypso shrug this morning and it is drying even as I type. I think it turned out quite nice. I am working on a plain black version of  the Pooling Rivulet Stole from yarnfloozies. The stole is for a friend who will be cruising in the Mediterranean this August. A plain black stole will be a nice classic addition to her cruise wear.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Chevrolette shawlette by Britt Schmeising. I made it using a hand dyed polworth roving  from London Wul. It is a 2 ply sport/fingering weight wool that I spun on my Ladybug.

Well let us hope that it will be a little less time between posts.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Pattern

Yesterday was my 49th birthday!

Did I get depressed?

Of course I didn't.

 I did complete a gift for all of you! A new sock pattern. A pair of lovely, lacey socks just for you. They are done toe up on 1 circular needle. I have to caution you that I nobody test the pattern. I also made them to fit my size 7 1/2 foot but included in brackets size M/L. I hope you enjoy them. I certainly enjoyed making them. The link can be found under  "Free Patterns" to the right. Here is a photo of the birthday socks to tempt you. Of course my boys had  to get in the picture.

Oh and Thanks to my darling DH for the gift certificates. Always appreciated.

Knit wits are some of my greatest pals.

Hugs Cinna

Friday, June 17, 2011

Night Out

The Reads' group met Wednesday at Alto in Riverview for supper and it was quite lovely.Most of the group agreed to work on this fabulous calypso seafoam shrug from the book edited by Judith Durant "sock yarn one skein wonders". You can see some photos here .

I stash a few of my projects in a footstool in the living room and the other night didn't I go to take my sock project out and the lid came down and cracked my lovely Knit Pick needle right in 2! Well thankfully I have a spare and DH sanded the broken tip to a lovely point. Beware biting footstools. I am also working on a little shawl called Chevrolette by britt schmeising. I am using some of my red and white handspun.

Oh well that is all for now.
Be well

Monday, June 13, 2011

Trinity Shawl Complete

Hey everyone.

I actually completed the Trinity Shawl that I started in 2010 (blog date 05/17/2010).  Why did it take so long to finish? This is not a terribly complicated pattern but it is hard to finish things when the knitter (yours truly) has buried the project in a basket and doesn't find it again until she moves her hobby room. Doh! I used Briggs and Little's sport weight yarn colour Smoke. I used a border called Wide Tunisian Lace that differed from the border suggested by the pattern. The weight makes this an excellent cool weather shawl.

Trinity Shawl

 So Knit in public Day on Saturday was wonderful and relaxing. Cricket Cove hosted a nice event at Chapters Starbucks. Thank you Cricket Cove. A reminder that  Cricket Cove's after hours knit group meets this Tuesday evening, June 14th starting at 6:30pm.

The Reads in Riverview group is meeting for supper at Alto in Riverview at 5:30pm on Wednesday, June 15th. Located between Curves and Subway.

I am working on a new pair of socks that I will be adding as a free pattern shortly. It is a wonderfully, stretchy lace pattern worked toe up on 1 circular needle. Look for that in the very near future.

So until Wednesday stay well.