Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Banishing the Winter Blues

 Are you living with the winter doldrums? Is getting up in the dark to go to work and coming home in the dark getting you down? Well turn that frown upside down and check out Knitty's winter edition . I have to tell you that even if you don't knit anything from this it is guaranteed to make you smile. There are so many lovely things in this issue to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

 The 5th annual historical issue of Piecework also looks interesting as does Vogue Knitting winter preview 2010/11.

 You can revisit a well loved pattern. Presently I am knitting a Lopi hat that I absolutely love to wear. I have 2 knit in blue and lime green from last year. This time I am knitting in Alafoss Lopi 9974 0126. I could make this hat in as many colours as are available. You could try a new pattern. I am knitting On Hold Socks in pink(because I don't have any solid color pink socks at all) from the book "Socks From The Toe Up" by Wendy D. Johnson.

 There is lots to do in the winter months that can be done both indoors and out. Join a swap, a group, a gym, skate, ski or just go for a walk.  Did you know you can walk at some malls!? That is one of my favorite pastimes. Walking and shopping. I like to do combination sports. Why just last week I bet I walked over 10kms at the mall downtown. It's great if you get there early (but not to early you want some of the stores to at least be open) there are less crowds and you can walk to all the stores several times. Just remember your budget. I have gone absolutely boot crazy this year and purchased a number of boots in my quest for the perfect pair. I am currently waiting anxiously for my Skecher  Rhythmic toning ankle boots to arrive. Woo-hoo!!

  I guess that is all for now. Stay warm and happy. Enjoy the season in whatever way makes you happy and keep your sticks off the ice.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Post Holiday

  I hope everyone had a great holiday? I worked a bit and rested a bit. All in all a nice quiet holiday. I received some nice presents. Hubby gave me a gift certificate to London Wul so that was nice. I took the tree very early and undecorated as well because of my schedule I just wanted not to have to do anything on my days off.

I managed to finally complete DH's work socks. Boy they were boring to knit. Sorry to all those who enjoy knitting sport weight work socks I am just not into it. I am however into knitting my socks. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that my feet are a great deal shorter then hubby's and I like socks just above my ankle and not socks that come up to my calf. Well not yet anyway.

 I completed the mixed media challenge that Heidi had at London Wul. What a blast!! It was so much fun I certainly hope Heidi considers having another this year. Below is my entry. It is named "The Red Queen", a cloth doll face applied to a cotton base. I completed the face machine stippled the wallhanging and appliqued wool hearts on. I used some 34 gauge craft wire and applied it to some wool hearts then I attached it to the head creating a 3D effect. I made the wallhanging circular which is a great departure for me.

 The knitting group will not be meeting again until February, 16th at Read's in Riverview.

Have a good one.